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  • you can heat it up or warm it

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    Put the frozen juice and water in your food processor, then turn it on. The food processor will chop up the frozen juice, which increases the surface area of the frozen juice and makes it easier for the heat in the water to melt the juice.

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Explain how you can speed up the dissolving process when preparing juice from frozen concentrate?

When preparing juice from a frozen concentrate, the process of dissolving can be sped up. Adding hot water ad stirring are both ways to speed up the process.

Where can you still buy or Five Alive Frozen Juice Concentrate?

where can you still buy or order Five Alive Frozen Fruit Concentrate

Where can you get frozen orange juice concentrate?

from the grocery store in the frozen section.

Is frozen orange juice concentrate gluten free?

is orange juice concentrate gluten freer

How much orange juice equals one can of frozen concentrate?

5000 or 27-85499308

What is the process when an ice cube is frozen melted and frozen again?


Why is it so important for frozen juice concentrate to remain frozen until use?

because when something is frozen it won't go bad. That's why if you have something that is about to expire freeze it until u are ready to use it.

Can raw marinated meat be frozen?

No, the marination process will have allowed time for bacteria at grow, the meat should be cooked before being frozen or frozen before the marination process.

Why can't I buy frozen concentrated tomato juice?

Tomato juice is only good to drink when it is relatively fresh and natural. A frozen concentrate would produce a rather unpleasant juice.

Is a can of frozen juice a concentrated solution or a dilute solution?

A can of juice is an example of a concentrate. You know this because you have to dilute it to get the desired mixture.

Which is correct is frozen or was frozen?

'Frozen' works both ways. An object can be presently in a frozen state and thus 'is frozen'. The past tense, 'was frozen', indicates either 1) something that was once frozen but perhaps now is not ('the steak was frozen, but it tasted good') or 2) the freezing process, as in 'this object was frozen last Thursday'.

Can frozen liquid evaporate?

Yes. The process of a solid turning into a gas is called sublimation. This process is readily observable using dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide).

What are the disadvantages of food preparation?

If you mean by preparing the food ahead of time, then most of the flavor is lost in the fact that it has to be frozen and reheated.

Can orange juice that comes in a jug from the food store that is made from concentrate and is sold refrigerated be frozen at home for longer storage?


How many cups of fresh juice equals one can of frozen juice concentrate?

Fresh juice never equals frozen juice; it always surpasses it! But to answer the question . . . A can of frozen juice concentrate is usually 12 fluid ounces. One adds 3 cans of water to reconstitute the juice, making a total of 48 fluid ounces, or 6 cups. So, 6 cups of fresh juice would equal (always be better than) 6 cups of juice concentrate. Please note, one cannot replace juice concentrate in a recipe with fresh juice. The moisture content of the two products is very different and would cause unexpected results.

What is the process of water to solid?

from liquid water to frozen water

Can fire be flash freezed?

No, fire is not a substance that can be frozen. It is a process.

When preparing frozen turkey when to remove plastic leg binder?

You should leave the plastic leg binder on the bird all the way through the cooking process. It keeps the legs from spreading out and getting over cooked. It won't melt. It's designed to stay there.

How do you make lemonade from reconstituted lemonade?

Best is to follow the directions on the container, but, failing that, add about four parts water to the frozen concentrate, to taste.

What size does cherry juice concentrate come in?

Cherry juice concentrate comes in various sizes, but the most common is the small can-sized container. These containers are often found in the frozen section of grocery stores and can be used to make two quarts of juice.

Does fresh squeezed orange juice canned orange juice or bottled orange juice contain more vitamin c?

Hi I also wanted to know this. Found this answer on the net. Fresh is the way to go. "Orange juice is frequently bought as a frozen concentrate. Frozen, reconstituted orange juice has 78% and canned orange juice has 69% of the vitamin C found in fresh squeezed orange juice. Vitamin C is destroyed during the condensing process, but canning is even harder on vitamin C. It appears that fresh squeezed orange juice is better than either frozen concentrate or canned..." Source:

Can you substitute orange juice for frozen orange juice concentrate?

yes but it won't taste good. It would be like aeting a lemon and then drinking lemon juice

Can you use dilution in a sentence?

When adding water to frozen orange juice concentrate, do not add too much, because excess dilution will result in an insipid flavor.

Lemon-Strawberry Punch?

Ingredients1 cn (16-oz.) Frozen orange juiceconcentrate; thawed 1 pk Frozen sliced strawberries;half thawed with juice 1 cn (6-oz.) Frozen lemonadeconcentrate 1 qt Carbonated water1 qt Ginger aleThinly sliced oranges and -lemons, for garnish Combine orange juice, strawberries, and frozen lemonade in a punchbowl with ice. Just before serving, add carbonated water and ginger ale. Garnish with orange and lemon slices. Makes 20 servings.

Can frozen eggs still hatch?

Frozen eggs will not hatch. Freezing a egg greatly impacts the fertilization process and can kill the chick inside of the egg.

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