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Q: How you can use suffice in a sentence?
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How do you use the word suffice in a sentence?

I am not that thirsty, one glass of water will suffice.

A sentence for suffice?

I hope these nails will suffice to hold the frame together.

Suffice You do not suffice me?

The word suffice means to do, or be sufficient. One example of this word in a sentence would be "You will suffice in the position I am looking to fill, so suffice to say you are hired".

What is a sentence of content as a verb?


Can you give a sentence for the word suffice?

"A few dollars will suffice, I only need some change."

A sentence using the word suffice?

The food in my refrigerator will suffice until I can get to the grocery store next week.

How would you use artifice in a sentence?

You never knew when to trust her; she hid behind artifice even when the truth would suffice.

What is wrong in the sentence we hope that it would suffice to all your requirements?

Suffice itself means 'fulfilling the requirements' therefore the text requirement is redundant here. Correct: I hope that it would suffice. OR Hope it would suffice.

Is it correct to say It suffice to say or suffice it to say?

Logic tells me it is not correct since "suffice" is a synonym of sufficient. You would never say "sufficient it to say" would you. So why say "suffice it to say"?

How do you use the word inadequate in a sentence?

I made an adequate sentence using the word adequate.The proposal was adequate for the town's needs.Adequate measures were taken to keep the staff safe.

The sentence i am just only kidding' is this sentence redundant?

The sentence may or may not be redundant depending on context, but the use of both "just" and "only" is redundant. (You could say that the sentence contains a redundancy.) Both words mean the same thing in this context and just one of them would suffice.

Sentence with the word suffice?

"Would an answer as simple as this suffice?"