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All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivity requires broadband internet service and network devices such as a DSL or cable modem. Most people who have this also require a router and an ethernet cable or a wireless router to allow connection of more than one device to there internet service. Once the PS3 is connected with an ethernet cable or you have a wireless router then you go to the PS3 main menu settings and then the Network setting then network connections. Some PS3 games have online play. When you own the game, have an online connection, and the game disc is in the machine you can play online

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How do you play Playstation 3 on line?

You must connect it to your internet, then play a game that is online.

how do i connect my play station 3?

how can i get my ssid code to connect to my playstation 3.

Can you play PlayStation one games multi player online with your PS3?

Nope, its only the PlayStation 3 games that you can play online with your PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 2 play online with someone with a PlayStation 3?

If the PlayStation 3 being used has reverse compatibility it can play PS2 games online with PlayStation 2 players.

What is playstation3?

a playstation 3 is a better upgraded version on playstation 2. You are able to connect to wireless via the playstation 3 , by games play online and store music , films and photos on it too ! its truly remarkable !

Do you have to pay to play online on playstation 3?


How much is online play for ps3?

The PlayStation 3 offers free online play on the PlayStation Network. It won't cost you a penny, all you need is a PlayStation 3 game console.

Can you play PlayStation games online?

You can't play PlayStation games on the Internet, but if you have a PlayStation 3, you can go on the PlayStation network and play with other people through the Internet.

Is the PlayStation 3 boring to play?

not at all the playstation is very fun and with having playstation network be free you can play online with anyone.

Can xbox live play playstation 3 online?


Can you use a blue tooth with a PlayStation 3?

yes you can. If you have a psp you can connect your playstation 3 (wirelessly) and play your PS3 games on your psp

Can you play Sony PlayStation 3 games online?

Yes you can.

Does the playstation 3 have free online play?

Simple answer: Yes

Playing online with PlayStation 3 free?

Yes you can play PSN (playstation network) for free.

Where can you play WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2009 online?

If you have a PlayStation 2 then you cant play online but if you have like a Xbox 360,PlayStation 3, Wii, or anything else but PS2 then you can play online

How to use Ethernet cord to play on your PlayStation 3 online?

You connect the Ethernet cable to the back of the PS3 and to your cable modem or router. Then you go to network connections and the system should auto connect to the internet

Where can you play PlayStation games online?

To play PlayStation 3 games online you need a PSN account. To create a PSN account visit the official PlayStation website and go to the PlayStation Network section of the site. To play online also requires a broadband internet connection to your PS3 system.

With a 60GB playstation 3 do you have to have Sony online to play games?

Yes, do need a sony online card to play.

How do you access PlayStation Network with a PlayStation 3?

PlayStation Network is the main service that PlayStation uses for all of its online services, such as online multiplayer. You are connected to PlayStation Network whenever you sign-in, or play a game online. You can also access the PlayStation Store on PlayStation Network, as well.

How can I use PlayStation Network on a PlayStation 2?

It is impossible to use PlayStation Network on a PlayStation 2, as only the PlayStation 3 can access it, and has the capabilities to do so. PlayStation Network is used to access the online store, as well as play games online. Although you can play games online with the PlayStation 2, the game servers are hosted by the separate developers.

Can you play dead island on the PS3 with someone on the Xbox 360?

No Playstation 3 consoles play online on the Playstation Network and Xbox 360 Plays online on the Live Network

Do you pay for the Internet connection on the ps3?

no , on my play station 3 all i do is connect it to my internet and then i have the internet on my playstation 3

Can a PlayStation 1 play PlayStation 3 games?

You can not play PlayStation 3 games on a PlayStation 1, but you can play PlayStation 1 games on a PlayStation 3. All of the PlayStation consoles are backwards compatible.

Can you play online if you have a pre owned PlayStation 3?

Yes. You can play online as long as you are connected to the internet and have a PSN account.

Can you play a European PS3 online with an American PS3 or can a European PS3 only play people with a European PS3 online?

Yes you can play a(n) europian playstation 3 system with American playstation 3's over the internet