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You need about a 30MM wrench, and a holder for the water pump pulley.

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Q: How you pull the clutch and fan off a 1998 GMC 2500?
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Why is my 1998 GMC sonoma clutch is losing pressure?

The pad on the clutch is getting low

1998 GMC sounds like clutch chatter with AT Could it be the tensioner?


Where is the starter for 1998 GMC Sierra 2500?

on rear passenger side of engine. on bottom.

Where is the tps sensor on a 1998 gmc savana 2500?

on the driver side of the throttle body itself

Where can you find a Wiring diagram 2000 gmc 2500?

wiring diagram for GMC 2500?

What is is curb weight of a 1998 GMC 2500 4X4 pick up with a 5.7L motor?

Listed on the drivers door post.

Remove clutch pedal 2004 GMC sierra?

how to remove a clutch pedal assembly 2004 gmc sierra

How do you take spark plugs out of an 01 GMC Sierra 2500?

Take a Spark Plug Socket, Attatch to a ratchett, turn, pull. DONE

What is the GCWR of your 1998 GMC Sierra 2500 7.4L exptended cab long bed?

Vehicle weight information is on the drivers door tag.

How do you change the clutch cable on 1994 GMC sierra?

There is no clutch cable its hydrolic.

1998 gmc safari all wheel drive not working front not pulling?

Mine had a broken viscious clutch in the transfer case after being towed with the rear wheels on the ground. Cracked the clutch housing.

What is the spark plug gap for a 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 6.0 liter?

What is the spark plug gap for a 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 , 6.0 L

What is the average gas mileage for a 1991 gmc vandura 2500 with a v8?

I just drove from Ohio to Arizona with a 1989 GMC 2500 and averaged 15.5 mpg.

What transmission does a 1985 GMC 2500 truck have?


Where would You locate the ECM on a GMC Vandura 2500?

The ECM on the Vandura 2500 is under the Driver's seat.

Does 1997 GMC Sierra 2500 have passlock?

There are many new features that have been added to vehicles in the past couple years. Yes, a 1997 GMC Sierra 2500 does have a passlock.Ê

What type of van is the gmc 2500 verdura?

The GMC 2500 Van is usually used as a work van. The Van does not column with rear seating, nor rear side windows.

What is the bolt pattern for a 2015 gmc 2500?

A 2015 GMC 2500 has a 8 on 180mm rim bolt pattern. The dually 3500 has a different 8 on 210 bolt pattern.

What is the procedure for adjusting line pressure on a GMC 4L80E transmission?

what is the line pressure for a 2003 gmc 2500

Where is the fuel pump on a 1999 gmc 2500?

in fuel tank

2008 GMC sierra 2500 bolt pattern?


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How much horsepower does a 2009 GMC 2500 with a 6.0?


1986 gmc vandura 2500 curb weight?


How do you fix play in steering on a 1995 gmc 2500?

Get an alignment