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Queso provolone

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Q: How you say 'provolone cheese' in Spanish?
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Do Swiss cheese melt fast then provolone cheese?

No, Provolone cheese melts faster because it is semi-hard, and Swiss is hard.

How many calories are in deli provolone cheese?

There are approximately 98 calories in a 1 ounce slice of provolone cheese. There are approximately 70 calories in a 19g slice of Sargento Deli Style Provolone Cheese.

Can hamsters eat provolone cheese?

no they refuse to eat it because of the smell, smell provolone cheese it doesn't smell pleasant

Is provolone safe to eat when pregnant?

Provolone cheese is safe to be used during pregnancy.

Is provolone cheese a soft cheese?

Provolone is an Italian cheese made from buffalo milk or cows' milk. When aged for just a few months, provolone is sold as a table cheese; when aged for six months or longer, it becomes a very hard cheese used for grating.

What is provolone and mozzarella?

They are different kinds of cheese.

What is the best known cheese?

provolone or cheddar

What animal does provolone cheese come from?


Can you substitute provolone or feta cheese for Swiss cheese?

It depends on the dish you are making. In many situations, Provolone could be used as a substitute for Swiss; although the flavor is different, it slices and melts similarly to Swiss. It's difficult to think of any way that Feta could be a good substitute for Swiss.

What are the four types of cheese?

American, cheddar, Swiss, and provolone! :)

What cheese is required for a cheese omelette?

Your choice. But, I would recommend cheddar or a mozzerella provolone mix.

Can I use Keerygold Mild Gouda style cheese in place of a Provolone cheese?

yes 8-----------