How you say menu in spanish?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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El menú

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Q: How you say menu in spanish?
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How do you say Menu of the day in spanish?

You say in spanish, as well, "menú del día".

How do you say kids menu in spanish?

"Kids' menu" can be expressed as "menú de niños".

How do you say menu in spanish?

"La carta" or "el munú"

How do yo say menu in spanish?

menú, carta, lista de platos

How do you spell menu in spanish?

the same way - menu

How do you write 'lunch menu' in Spanish?

'Lunch menu' in Spanish would be: 'menú de almuerzo'

How do you say what is on the menu for tonight in Spanish?

One option is to say, "Qué sirven ustedes esta noche? literally, "What are you serving tonight?"

Menu in Spanish?


What is your menu for today in spanish?

¿cuál es su menu hoy?

In Denmark how do you say menu?


What does au menu des hamburger mean in spanish?

It is French for "to the hamburger menu". In Spanish, it would be "al menú de los hamburguesas"

How do you say may i have a menu in spanish?

Una lista de platos, por favor. (Oonah LEEstah they PLAHtoss, porr fahVORR) ('th' as in 'they')