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How you sign up for Skype?

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  1. Go to Skype.com
  2. Click on 'Join Skype'.
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How do you sign up to the Skype?

Download Skype from their website (google it.). Then, run the application. It will immediatley provide you with a registration form, which you can use to sign up. THE SKYPE

How do you sign up to Skype?

Download Skype from their website (google it.). Then, run the application. It will immediatley provide you with a registration form, which you can use to sign up.

How do you sign up new account on Skype?

Got to skype and In the top right corner click "JoinSkype" fill in details, download the Application, Install it, and then Sign in.

How you can sign up for Skype?

If you download the Skype app from there website (I assume you will be able to access it through Google), after installing it, run the programme and then click on 'Sign up'.

How can you sign up for Skype?

Go to skype's website www.skype.com and download the program and then after install when the program opens you will get a choice to sign in or sign up. You can sign up then by clicking sign up.

How do i get my name in the Skype directory?

Its done automatically when you sign up!

How do you sign up for regular Skype?

Go to Skype.com and click "Join Skype" in the upper right hand corner.

How do you sign up for Nerf dart tag league 2013?

sign up for it online and skype to see if your going to the championships

Is 10 years old to young to have a Skype?

Legally you have to be 13 to sign up for Skype and most other web sites.

What is the minimum age for Skype users?

Skype does not have a Age Limit! Also you don't have to put your Birth Year in when you sign up!

How do you remove Skype user names from the Skype start up page in windows 8?

If you want to, you could just Sign Out by clicking on "Skype", then click on "Sign Out". Then you will be done. When you open Skype again, it's going to ask you for you only for your Password. It will still remember your Username/Skype name.If you don't want your Skype name to be shown, then follow this:▼▼▼▼▼▼Open up "Run"Then type "%appdata%"Then press "S" on your keyboard to find SkypeThen delete the whole "Skype" folderDone !!!Next time you open Skype, it will ask you for a Skype name and a Password

Should you use facebook to sign up for Skype?

You can chat to your Facebook Friends through Skype, So I think its a Good Idea!

How much does it cost to sign up for skype?

Nothing it costs nothing at all

How do you open a Skype account?

Its very simple.If Skype is installed on your computer, Follow the following steps:Double click the skype icon.click sign-up/ new accountEnter your dataPress Enter.Your account is ready to use now.Just sign-in and enjoy talking with your friends @ skype

Does Skype work on an android?

Yes, you have to download the, "Skype" app from the market and sign into Skype there.

Can you text 911?

No. 999 (UK) does have a text feature, and can be called from skype, but you have to sign up to it.

How do you stop skype sound when starting up?

Tools-options-sounds uncheck I sign in

How do you sign out of Skype?

Click 'File'Click 'Sign Out'

How do you sign up Skype?

To sign up for Skype you will want to go to their register page online to their site and fill out all applicable information. An email should follow after for user verification ad activation. After you have confirmed install the software or app if you haven't already and sign into the program with your username and password.

How do you sign up new Skype account?

1. open skype2. press don't have skype name3. write in what it asks you toif you have skype downloaded, click on it. a box will appear. click "Dont have a skype name?" go through the step by stem instruction that are required.

How do you you get to your Skype from the homepage?

you cant. you have to have it down loaded on your computer. you can sign in to your skype credit account though.

How do you sign in Skype if there is someone else all ready logged in?

if your on a computer, go to the upper left hand corner, click on "skype" then click on "sign out"

How do you Skype on ipod4?

Go on the app store and type SKYPE in search then download then sign in when downloaded then done!

Does Victoria Justice have a Skype or a Skype name?

She has got Skype because when I searched her up she was there my friend Jody looked up on the internet and it said her Skype name!!

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