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I had the same thing, the pinion gear was bad.

2007-05-23 05:40:26
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Q: Howling grinding sound from front end 95 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo full time 4x4 at 55mph higher-changed out front bearings hubs cv joints good and brakes were just done what could cause this?
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What could the howling in the front end of an alero be?

The howling is most likely one of the wheel bearings.

Why my 1999 gm savana makes a loud howling noise on the drivers side?

replace wheel bearings

Howling front end on 96 Chevy pickup?

Need to check left and right front wheel bearings.

What causes the odd howling noise while driving a 2002 dodge Dakota?

most common is wheel bearings

How do you know when your bearings have gone bad on your 2001 Volkswagen Jetta?

If a wheel bearing is bad you will hear a howling noise while your driving.

What would cause a howling sound from either the drive line or rear end when you accelerate but stops when you brake or let off the gas.?

Probably have problems with the pinion bearings, carrier bearings and or ring and pinion gears inside the rear differential.

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