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Not only do Miss Watson and Widow Douglas push their views of society on Huck, Tom, Jim and Pap do as well. As Huck learns about the beliefs of Tom and the "books" and Jim's beliefs in voodoo, superstitions, and charms he grows up. Huck does not like living in the ways of Widow Douglas or Pap ultimately leading to his escape to Jackson's Island. The way other people are trying to civilize him is taking away his innocence. As he breaks away from others' personal beliefs, he is becoming more of an individual and listens to his heart. This is proven when he states "I'll go to helll" (207).

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2009-05-22 03:46:23
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Q: Huck struggles against society and its attempts to civilize him.The persons who try to civilize him are Miss Watson the Widow Douglas and other adults he comes across.How does this help Huck grow up?
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