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A hydrogen or fusion bomb will be ten times more powerful than the original fission atomic bomb.

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Q: Hydrogen bomb compared with atomic bomb?
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What is an 8 letter word that starts with an H and has to do with atomic?

Hydrogen is probably the word. Hydrogen bomb, atomic bomb...

What is used as a trigger in a hydrogen bomb?

An atomic bomb.

How was a more powerful bomb than the A bomb used in hiroshima?

The hydrogen was strongest compared to the atomic bombs use in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at almost 10 times.

What is the different between atomic bomb and hydrogen bombs?

A hydrogen bomb is an atom bomb; just one that uses hydrogen.

What new bomb was made after the atomic bomb by the us?

The hydrogen bomb.

What is the world's largest bomb?

In WW2 it was the Atomic bomb today it is the Hydrogen bomb.

What is stronger between the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb?

In general, a fusion bomb (hydrogen bomb) is more powerful than a fission (atomic) bomb. Fusion bombs use an atomic bomb to begin the fusion reaction.

Did the US develop the Hydrogen bomb or the Atomic bomb?

Yes, both.

What is the fuse for hydrogen bomb?

An Atomic bomb is the detonator for a Hydrogen bomb to create enough heat for the fission - fusion chain reaction.

What was the name of the atomic bomb from the tv show lost?

It was a hydrogen bomb - Jughead.

What is the difference between the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb?

fission vs fusion

What was the design of the hydrogen fusion bomb?

Basically its a blanket of heavy hydrogen (deuterium) around a "regular" atomic bomb.