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Go back home and live your young life with your family, then live with your boyfriend after you are married.

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Q: I'm FIFTEEN and I live with my boyfriend what should I do?
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If you are fifteen can you live with your boyfriend and sleep in the same bed?

you can't live with your boyfriend until your 16 unless your parent consent to it and your living with an adult, but im sure you can sleep in the same bed aslong as you dont have sex

Your boyfriend is an illegal Mexican and im pregnant can he still live here if im pregnant?

No. Get married.

Should you kiss your boyfriend in middle school?

if you love im you should

Im 12 and want to snog your boyfriend should you?


Should Jaden Smith be your boyfriend?

yea because im on facebook and im nice and have a great personality

Im in love with boyfriend but falling for girl?

what should i do? i love my boyfriend, but my feelings for this girl are so strong, and were so alike its rediculas.. and im afraid that if i break up with my boyfriend for this girl everything will be messed up... what do i do.

Do I fight my boyfriend's ex if she wants my boyfriend back?

yes yo should say im breaking up with you cheater

Who is yoona im's boyfriend?

Im Yoona's boyfriend is not certainly known.

What should you do you have a very boring boyfriend?

if my boyfriend was boring i would act like he's not im not going to tell him in his face because that's not me im better then that so I''ll just play it off.

Can your boyfriend live with me if im on section 8 and he has a felony?

This depends on the type and age of the felony record. Your felon boyfriend has to be approved by both the landlord AND the Housing Authority.

I live in rome Georgia im fifteen and my boyfriend is seventeen and im pregnant with his child what will happen?

First how does he feell about you having his child? If he is saying get an abortion he doesent want a child right now and is scared, but if he his there with you from beginning to end expect him to take responsibility of this child. Now some men after you have the baby will run off but that just shows how much he loves you and the baby. Ask him how he fells about the baby and you

Im 16yrs old mother of a 2yr old and your boyfriend is making 600 every two weeks are you eligible for cash aid?

yes useally.. it depends were you live and how many hours your boyfriend works.. just tell them that you dont live with your boyfriend and youlll be good

How can we get a girl to break it off with her boyfriend to be with me?

im a girl and that would be messed up to break it off with her boyfriend cause if she wants to be with you she'd be with you not her boyfriend so you should just leave her alone.

You are fifteen and want to live with your auntie but you live with your dad im unhappy how can you live with your auntie?

You can try talking to your dad and explaining to him why you are unhappy living with him and if he doesn't listen try calling your aunt and asking her to help you do something about it

You you want a boyfriend and im ten but you cant get a guy to ask you out what do you do?

10 is a little young to have a boyfriend, but if you really want one you should ask a guy out.

How should you tell your boyfriend im pregnant?

Call him and meet him up. Sit him down and talk to him.

How should you tell your boyfriend of 6 days that im in love with him?

You shouldn't. Under any circumstances!

Im 16yrs old n you want a baby with my boyfriend so bad should i?

No, definitely not.

What should you do if im still in love with your ex boyfriend?

Nothing, I just mind my own business.

Im 59 and never had a boyfriend is that ok?

that's wierd 0_oget a only live once, do you want to live yours alone and unloved?

If im not even sure im the father do you have to still sign rights over so she can be adopted by the mothers boyfriend Im not on the birth certificate or even had a blood test. you live in Iowa?

No, but you need to find out. If the adoption fails, you could be ordered to pay retroactive child support. Also, should the adoption later get rescended.

Im 17 i have a 21 year old boyfriend can i move out and live with him in the sate of Missouri?

Not without parental permission.

Im 17 and i want to move out of your house can i?

Of course you can. After finishing school, is the time most people start to think about moving out. You should talk to your parents about it. Will you get a flat with your mates, boyfriend? or live at university, if you're going?

Im 17 and live with boyfriend and mom approves does this mean im emmancipated?

Well, congrats with the boyfriend! Since you are still underage (18) your mom is still your legal guardian. emancipation has a ton of paper work. Legally you are not emancipated, but in your own way, free.

I want to stay with my boyfriend but im not in love with him what do i do?

You should go find you someone that you love and be totally happy.