I'm a boy in a girls body what can you do?

There are many places and people to talk to beginning with your local GP, or if in a small community, to a GP in another town. If you are young, talk with your mother, or a kindly aunt or grandmother, or to a trusted teacher, preferably a female. (Excuse the gender bias here, I am male.) There are also websites for for the nearly 6& of people who do not fit neatly into the two other categories of "Male" or "Female" and in fact there are 27 or 63 genders or sexes depending on who you believe. Most importantly, whether you have an issue of not, you are not alone. Search the terms "Intersex" or "Transgender".

There are things that happen at conception, then during development, and later at puberty that can mean you are indeed trapped in a body built under another plan. Please take a deep breath and know, there are people who can help.