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Because your mother is gay.

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What can happen if you bully?

If you bully just imagine the person your bullying. Why dont u think , " What if this person becomes suicide cuz' of me ? " u can put to much pressure ! DONT BULLY! it wouldnt be fun for u to get picked on would it =(

What is bully in hockey?

a bully in hockey is sum1 hoo piks fites n doesnt like sum1 n if i were u dont mess with those bullysplz trust me lol

How serious is bullying is schools?

bullies like to bully because they dont have a life.

What can stop a bully?

If you dont be silent and tell the teachers then the bully wont bully you anymore!:)

What Will happened If You Get Bully?

Well, if u r a man and stick up for yourself, than nothing will happen. But if u let the bully kick ur butt, theres a problem. He's not going to stop unless u do something about it. and i dont mean tell on him

Why does person bully others?

Maybe they dont like the person or they sometimes say something but they dont know it hurts someone.

Can you prestige on split screen modern warfare 2?

it depends on the game type, like if u play local u dont but online yes but if u get like to prestige, if u get it u prestige he dont on the profile u made for him/her they dont.

What is a female bully?

A female bully is someone who is basically like a man. im a guy and i know alot of females that bully. They are low lifes wit nuttin better 2 do then pick on u

How do you ask a girl to go to her party?

U dont ,u wait to be invited and if your not invited then u know she dont like u

How do boys like you?

They should like you for who u r not what u wear or whow you hang out with. You can't make boys like you and if they dont like you just move on u dont have to b enemys

What might a bully do to bully someone?

I think that he or she might say something that is very cruel or makes u cry,angry.The bully can also hit u etc.

How can you not be a bully?

You can not be a bully by being kind to people and thinking about others and for people who get bullyd dont be afraid to tell the bully to stop but dont say it ina mean way or else your the bully you could also ask them hoe they feel.

How to see a girl if she is looking at YOU?

first of all, do u like her? if u do ask her out if u dont ignore her i dont know

What do you have to do to like history?

ya dont like history you let beat u with the whip of knowledge then u learn it ya dont like it stupidbutt

What to say if someones calls you a geek?

Well are they ur friend or a bully if bully then just tell them to shove it friend then laugh like it don't bother u

How can you answer a girl who has asked you to a school dance?

if you like her, then say yes. if u dont, then say srry i just dont like u.

What do you do if your own sister is the bully?

Talk to her and talk to your parents- whatever you do, dont bully back!!

What do you do when a guy broke up with a girl but he acts like he likes you?

well what you do is at like you dont like him this is if you still like him but if u dont then just tell him that u dontand if you do like him just act like you dont and just keep on till he says he cant take it anymore or something like n then you admit that u still like him and from there he will know what to do

How do you get a boy to get into you?

just ask do u like me as a friend because i like u and if u dont like me back that is fine

What is the theme of bystander by James preller?

the theme of the book bystander is to dont bully ppl or somethin like that

Is bully loomer relly a bully?

I dont think loomer really is a bully i think he just plays one.im pretty sure he is not

Are there fines for not having a bully program in a school?

No there are not Fines for it Because you dont have to have a bully Program.... But there shoud be :)

What should you do if a guy you like comes to you for adive about other girls?

if u like him be truthfull boys like that if u dont dont screw with him still be truthfull no matter what

Why do some people seem like you cant talk to them?

Becaz they really like u but they jus dont have the gutts to tell u so u have to tell the u do or if u dont tha means u have to make the 1st move:]

Haw do you get a boy to like you?

you get a boy to like you by just being you and if he dont like u then its his lost and u dont need him anyway go find someone that you can like connect like seriously

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