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What is the characters cheat code on Lego bat man 2 goal?

never cheat on lego

How many levels in Lego bat man PS2?


Where is the joker in Lego bat man villain hunt?

With his wife

Where is man bat in Lego batman on ds?

you must beat all of the levels in villain mode then you will unlock villain hunt then the 2nd villain you must find is man bat then you will unlock man bat

How do you get man bat in Lego batman?

in villain hunt at the ice cream factory

Is there a cheat on Lego batman 2 that helps you find characters?

bat man

How do you fly in Lego batman for Wii?

you need to be man bat or be killer moth derr!

How do you get the secret people in Lego bat man?

you have to get all the kits and red bricks there are no codes for them

Where is Man Bat in Lego Batman villain hunt?

He's in the place where you faced MR. Freeze

Where is Man Bat in Lego Batman DS Villain Hunt?

he is in the room where you fight Doctor frieze

How do you go to metropolis on Lego bat man2?

you have to use a flying character like super man and fly to metropolis

Can you get Lego man bat?

yes when you have got True Villan on all of the villon missions there is a minigame you can play called villan hunt were you catch villans and you can buy them man bat is number 2 or 3 out of 10

What actors and actresses appeared in Out of the Beast a Man Was Born - 1913?

The cast of Out of the Beast a Man Was Born - 1913 includes: Romaine Fielding as Joe Willie Johnson as The Boy

How do you get firefly on Lego Batman?

you have to unlock VILLAIN HUNT in the mini games, and you can get man bat and the joker tropical and rai a ghoul

What happened to Lego bat man set?

I'm not sure what you mean but you can get batman Lego on the internet. Its really expenses on amazon. One set that cost 7.99 now sells for 189.99!!

What is the cheat code to play as hush in bat man Lego the video game for ps2?

Im pretty sure there isnt one.:(

Why are bat and bar mitzvahs so important?

Bar and Bat mitzvahs are an important event because that is when a boy or girl becomes a man or woman.

What is a Lego man woman?

It is a lego that is a man but wants to be a woman

Who is better bat man or spider man?

bat man

Is the Lego Iron Man suitable for a boy aged 6?

Yes, according to the official manufacturer's website, the Lego Iron Man, is suitable for children aged six to twelve years of age, both girls and boys.

What LEGO game is coming after LEGO spider-man?

I'd like Lego agent the video game I don't think there will be a Lego Spider-man, well next anyway, because the next Lego game is Lego Halo for sure.

Is bat man a bat?

No he is not

What is the best baseball bat for a ten year old boy?

a loiville slugger will turn him into a man faster.

Where can you find LEGO Spider-Man sets?

There have never been Lego Spider-Man sets. Lego has not produced Spider-Man sets as of date.

How big are LEGO man?

Lego minifigures are 4 Lego bricks tall.