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How should little old me know you should know

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Cooper is actually imported from Ohio if that answers your question

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What imported product led to industrial growth in Detroit and Ohio?


What is imported and exported from Chile?

The major import is machinery and the major export is copper.

What is the price per pound of scrap copper wire in cincinatti Ohio?


How do Asian tiger mosquitos get here?

The Asian tiger mosquito was brought here accidently in tires imported from Asia. Copper is believed to kill them

What countries did the ancient Egyptians trade with and what for?

Thr ancient Egyptians imported wine, copper from the Greek islands; wine, copper, wood, tin, slaves, horses from the eastern Mediterranean; salt, natron, cattle, dates from the desert oases; gold, copper, cattle, and slaves from Nubia.

What has the author Henry Martin written?

Henry Martin has written: 'Letter of Henry Martin, esq., President of the Baltimore Copper Company, to the Senate of the United States, in opposition to the bill increasing the duty on imported copper ores' -- subject(s): Copper industry and trade, Tariff

What is the price of copper scrap in OH?

The price of copper scrap in Ohio is $2.35 a pound as of May 8, 2014. The price can fluctuate greatly in a matter of a few months.

Are all Honda Accords imported from japan?

No, none of the Honda Accords sold in the United States are imported from Japan. All of them are built in the U.S. Honda builds the Accord in Marysville, Ohio. In fact almost all Honda's sold in the U.S. are built in the U.S. The Civic is built in Greensburg, Indiana. The Odyssey, Pilot, & Ridgeline are built in Lincoln, Alabama. The CRV, & Element are built in East Liberty, Ohio. The Fit is imported from Japan but will be imported from Mexico starting in 2014. Honda also builds most of their motorcycles sold in the U.S, in the U.S. Even most of their lawn mowers, outboard motors, and generators are built here.

Can you use imported in a sentence?

That fruit was imported from the tropics. He only drinks imported wine.

Are bananas imported and exported from the US?

Imported to.

What metal did Sumerian merchants not import?

It is widely believed that iron was the only metal not imported by Sumerian merchants as their tools and weapons were crafted using either copper or bronze metals.

Which country was Merino Sheep imported from?

They were imported from Spain.

What goods were imported into Virginia?

it was imported by food and bacteria

Where is kiwi imported from?

Kiwis are imported from New Zealand

What the sumerians imported?

they imported goal,silver and more

What was the goods taken from England to Africa in the slave triangle?

The goods transported to Africa from Europe were: Copper Manufactured cloth Silks imported from Asia Glassware Ammunition Guns Manila and Pots

What is meant by an imported marriage license?

Imported marraige liscense ?

Where were all slaves imported to?

Slaves were imported to the slavemaster took them to.

What was imported to Brisbane in 2001?

Red imported fire ant.

What is imported goods?

Imported goods are things which are 'imported' from other places. Import - bringing something from one country to another.

Is it legal to own a AK-47 MD 1975 in Ohio?

I believe you're trying to ask, "was it legal to own an AK-47, in 1975, in Ohio." If this is the question you're trying to ask then the answer is that there weren't any AK-47's imported into America until 1984, from China.

Where are your imported files?

In Windows Movie Maker, your imported files are either in the Imported Media viewing pane or a Collections folder you have created.

What products are imported to the US?

a lot of different foods and toys are imported.

How much narcotic are imported?

400 much narcotic iz imported

What is imported in Oman?

All technical and engineering commodities are imported into Oman.