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what is project justification

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Q: IT Project Justification Model
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What is project network?

Project Networkis a distributed model of work to be completed in a project.

What project for which waterfall model is suitable?

When we are talking about a big project we Use Water fall model. Water fall model has total of five stages.

How to make a Working model for harnessing energy for class VI project?

How to make a model of an energy class science project

How do you use justification in a sentence?

Do you have the justification to ask that question? What is your justification for asking that question? There is a lot of justification for asking that question.

Which model hosts TV's Project Runway?

Heidi Klum hosts Project Runway.

What is the adjective and adverb of justification?

The adjective of justification is justifiable.The adverb of justification is justifiably.

Working model on maths for project?


Which form of software development model is most suited to a system where all the requirements are known at the start of a project and remain stable throughout the project?

A waterfall model would be a good approach for that type of project.

Why should you use spiral model in software projects?

we use this model when user is not sure of project need.....when risk and cost evaluation is important for project .........and when project has complex requirement or new product line is introduce...

What is COCOMO model?

COnstructive COst MOdel (COCOMO) is an algorithmic Software Cost Estimation Model developed by Barry Boehm. The model uses a basic regression formula, with parameters that are derived from historical project data and current project characteristics.

Waterfall model is suitable for which system with justification?

SDLC + Software Prototyping commonly used to develop organisational information systems

How do you build a model car for a school project?

Am not telling you

What is the easiest science project?

A solar system model.

Model of a hut for kids project?

how make this house

Which process model suitable for development project?


What model can you make for a math project to do with optical illusions?

What is justification?

Justification is the process of explaining that what you say is true. Justify what i just said.

Justification in a sentence?

Justification - reason.I felt I had justification to be angry, he was being so rude!I don't need justification, I'm in charge here and I'll do what I want.

How do you make a model of the heart for science fair?

how to make a heart model for science fair project

What to make for working model in class 8th science project?

I make model for science exibition

What is the opposite of self justification?

opposite of self-justification

How do you make a working model of tsunami for school project?

you can make a baking soda volcanoes and paint and decorate it for a project

What are the examples of spiral model?

Select a Software Project TITLE

How do you make a model of a satellite for a school project?

use tinfoil

What to use for a model city for a school project?

Lightwave or after effects :)