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Well if you want to get pregnant why would you pull out? Although, with the pull out method, precum will most likely get you pregnant. So you probably will end up becoming pregnant.

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Q: I Want to get pregnant but am using the pull out method during ovulation. What are my chances of becoming pregnant?
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Can sex during ovulation increase your chances of getting pregnant?


If you have intercourse during your ovulation days what is the percentage of your chance of getting pregnant?

If you're healthy & have unprotected sex during your ovulation days, your chances of getting pregnant are very close to 100%.

Can you be pregnant when Ovulation?

You can get pregnant during period of ovulation. It's the best or most fertile time to get pregnant.

What are the signs of pregnancy during ovulation?

There are no signs of pregnancy during ovulation. If you are pregnant you don't ovulate.

Pregnant if he pulls out during ovulation?


Can fertilization happen during pregnancy?

No, there is no ovulation when pregnant.

What are the chances of conceiving in the morning or at night?

The moment of ovulation can be during the day or night. The chances are the same.

You had intercourse during your ovulation period and took pepsi the next morning can this alter your chances of getting pregnant.?

Pepsi? As in the beverage? That wont change a thing.

Can you become pregnant during ovulation?

Yes! Ovulation is your most fertile time, so that's when you're most likely to get pregnant.

Are you more likely to get pregnant during your ovulation period?


Can a woman get pregnant on a 23 day cycle?

Woman can always get pregnant unless if she or her partner is sterile. It's during the beginning of the cycle and end of the cycle that the chances of becoming pregnant skyrocket.

What is the chance of you getting pregnant during ovulation?

There is a high chance to get pregnant during ovulation because the egg released from the ovary is ready to be fertilized and it can live up to 12 to 24 hours.

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