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this is basically called emansipation which means you get divorced from your parents in which you and your parents go to court and you request that you be removed from your parents house and you can go live with a friend or other relative. The legal age of majority for the state is 18. The legal age of majority for the State of Ohio is 18. The legal age of majority in the state of Ohio is eighteen. Until that time or the time a court rules otherwise, the parent(s) or guardian of a minor have the right to retain physical custody. They can also request assistance from authorities if they feel at any time they cannot control the minor child. Ohio's age of majority is 18. 18 unless you go to court with a good reason on why you want to move out.

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Q: I am 15 and live in Ohio i cant stand living here in this house i have a job and i am capable of taking care of my self is it possible to get an emancipation and move out if i am able to care for me?
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What does emancipation of minors in the US entail?

You have to petition the court if you live in one of the 36 states that allows emancipation. You will have to show that you are capable of taking care of yourself financially and physically. You will also need to notify your parents.

How can you get the emancipation process started?

The first step is to know whether your state even offers the option. About half the states don't have statutes to allow emancipation. Parental consent helps a lot, but they will have to be notified regardless of whether the agree or not. The other key is that the minor must be capable of taking care of them selves both financially and physically.

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How can a 16-year-old leave the custody of a relative if his parents are not able to care for him?

He can apply for emancipation at the local courthouse. A judge can grant him emancipation if he is capable of taking care of himself and can prove it. * If the relaltive has received a custodial order from the cour emancipation is not an option even if the state of residence allows such action. Once a court order has been granted it requires that the order is rescinded or amended by the issuing judge or a higher court before any changes can be made in the minor's living arrangements. Unless the court has permanently terminated parental rights, the parents have the legal right to object to any action taken regarding the minor regardless of their circumstances.

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It's not possible to give an exact answer as state's enact legislation the sets fees for all court procedures. The average filing fee for an emancipation petition is around $150-$200 plus other applicable charges, which could include the taking of depositions, notification of interested parties, service of summons and/or interogatories and so forth.

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