I am 16 and pregnant and I don't know who the father is and I am afraid my mom will throw me out of the house just like her mom did when she was my age and got pregnant with me what should I do?

Just face the the value of life, it is a process of growing. You see, we all have made mistakes in our life at one time or another. It's just to the point of you getting help and this shouldn't be kept secret. You need medical attention and guidance. From a parent to a child this is very important that you tell your mother. It a part of growing up and soon you will be an adult. But the bad part about it is that you are becoming one too soon. Now that you are pregnant, you are now out of the equation being a child. It is all about the health and welfare of your baby. There are programs out there that can help you with school, work and with finances. And who ever the father is make sure you involve him in everything with this child. Most parents who are separated, divorce or single do not rely on the father. The whole system has made some of the fathers unfit for rearing children. This is changing and more fathers want to help their daughters.

The same thing happened to my daughter that was living with her mother. She got pregnant at 17 and tried to hide this from her. I knew from day one when she got pregnant and it helped her to cope with telling. But the most important thing for you to do is seek medical advice. You need it at this young age.