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Eventhough you have had your tubes tied, there is a possible chance that you could be pregnant but this is rare and also very dangerous. I suggest that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

2006-09-12 19:33:06
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Can a menstrual cycle increase your appetite?

yes, it often makes you have cravings for certain things..normally food x

What are the signs of pregnancy?

The signs of pregnancy can include, skipped monthly periods, morning nausea, increase in appetite, weight gain and swelling.

Are headaches and light bleeding early signs of pregnancy?

Yes. Light bleeding that is brown or pink in color can be implantation bleeding. Headaches can bE attributed to increase in hormones.

When you are pregnant with month does your appetite increase?

Yes, appetite increase while you are pregnant

Are headaches a pregnancy symptom?

Hi, Headaches are a symptom of pregnancy. Below is a list of the most common pregnancy symptoms: * Missed period. * Light period. * Spotting of blood for a few hours or 2-3 days. * Abdominal cramping. * Increase in vaginal discharge. * Urinating more frequently. * Headaches. * Dizzyness. * Feeling very tired. * Constipation or diahrrea. * Breast or nipple tenderness. * Darkening or your Aerolas. I hope this has helped you with the pregnancy symptoms. Take care.

What if your period is expected in 1 day you have sore nipples headaches and bleeding gums are you pregnant?

Headaches, tender or painful breasts and nipples are common signs of early pregnancy. Red, tender gums that bleed when you floss or brush are a sign of pregnancy gingivitis, found by about half of women during pregnancy it is caused by the increase in progesterone making your gums more sensitive to the bacteria in plaque and by the increase in the blood supply to your mouth.

How do you treat poor appetite?

although it is illegal, the use of marijuana will increase appetite

Does Strattera increase appetite?

Strattera has a side effect of decreasing appetite, not increasing appetite. However, some patients can react differently to some medications and it is possible for some patients to experience an increase in appetite, but very unlikely.

How can you increase your appetite?

You can increase your appetite by having sexual intercourse.Here are a few sure-fire ways to increase one's appetite:# Exercise -- burning calories means you'll be hungry for additional fuel. # Smoke marijuana -- THC, the active ingredient in cannabis is a proven appetite stimulant. # Get proper sleep -- sleep cycles and appetite can be related. Healthy sleep increases appetite....

Drugs that increase your appetite?


Will Geritol Complete increase your appetite?


How does marijuana increase appetite?


What are signs of being pregnant the first month?

Symptoms of pregnancy are:Missed periodTender breastsIncrease in vaginal dischargeHeadachesTirednessNausea or vomiting

Does lysovit help the body to with appetite?

yes it contains lysin which is appetite stimulant so ultimately it will increase your appetite and weight

Does Xanax increase appetite?

Yes, Xanax is known to stimulate the appetite. It is a benzodiazepine and most of them do.

Are sore nipples and an increase in libido a sign of pregnancy?

It can be. If you are having symptoms that are unusual for you around the time of your period, then yes, they can very well be signs of pregnancy. Common symptoms women notice when they are early in their pregnancies are: Nausea, sore breasts and nipples, increase or decrease in appetite, increased urination, more emotional, breakouts, and an increase in cervical mucous.

Does folic acid increase the appetite?


Does Adderall increase pregnancy?

It'll increase your sex drive, and that sure helps to "increase pregnancy".

Prescription drug that increases appetite?

Both Marinol and Periactin have been used to increase appetite.

I am hungry all the times. Does that means i am pregnant?

Although an increased metabolism is common during pregnancy, it does not mean you are pregnant. There are several that you can see an increase in appetite other than pregnancy. If you are too concerned you should consider taking a pregnancy test the day of your expected period.

Can Ibuprofen increase menstrual cramping?

No, Ibuprofen cannot increase menstrual cramping.Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory so reduces inflammation caused by prostaglandins that cause menstrual cramps. Drugs like Ibuprofen are the best painkiller drugs for menstrual cramps.

What are the Drugs to increase menstrual flow?


What are some symptoms of nicotine withdrawal?

Nicotine withdrawal is a symptom associated with the abrupt discontinuation or decrease in intake of nicotine. The effects include anxiety, depression, feelings of restlessness or frustration, headaches, an increase in appetite and difficulty concentrating.

What colors can increase and descrease your appetite?

red increases

What are the symptoms for your period?

symptoms sometimes include abdominal cramps prior or during the period (usually the first few days), nausea, fatigue, bloating, headaches and migraines, loss of appetite, irritability, and sometimes an increase in sexual drive.