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I'm afraid this is not possible today. They tried in Turkey last year to transplant a uterus to a woman but she died after a few days. The organs are very delicate and to make a ovary produce eggs would probably be impossible. The eggs would of course not carry your DNA but the woman who donated them.

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Can an FTM transsexual who still has a vagina get pregnant?

Yes, a FTM transsexual person can get pregnant if they have all of their female parts. They will need to have a uterus, womb, and ovaries.

Can a woman become pregnant from male transsexual pre-ejaculation?

A male transsexual is sterile. They cannot create viable testes yet.

Can transsexuals become pregnant?

That would depend on the type of transsexual they are. A transsexual woman can never become pregnant, though she can father children before taking hormones and getting surgery. They can never get a womb, though uterus transplants and ectopic pregnancies have been considered as possible options, but both are considered way to dangerous to attempt. A transsexual man can become pregnant if he gets pregnant before taking hormones and getting surgery.

Can a transexual get pregnant?

If a female to male TS man hasn't had surgery yet, then yes. If it is a male to female transsexual (a transsexual woman), then no, since they can never have female internal organs.

Can a male to female transsexual get a false pregnancy?

No. And we know it's not a real positive since women born without female reproductive organs cannot get pregnant. However, a transsexual person who also has mental illness might honestly believe they are pregnant.

Can a transsexual woman get pregnant?

No, a woman born with transsexualism can never get pregnant. The best she can do is impregnate a woman before her corrective surgery. Or she can bank her sperm, but someone else will have to get pregnant for her.

How does a transsexual woman get a normal woman pregnant?

She can only do that if she was born a man and still had male genitals.

Can a transsexual make a girl pregnant?

A transsexual woman, who is a woman born into a male body, can impregnate a girl if she still possesses her male genitalia, and has not been rendered infertile by estrogen and anti-androgens. Since transsexual men are born with female genitalia, they cannot impregnate women.

Who is volnerable for phantom pregnancy?

Generally people who really want to be pregnant, are anxious about becoming pregnant, or feel guilty and are paranoid about becoming pregnant.

Can a transsexual man really get pregnant?

Yes. Since transsexual men are born with female genitals and internal female sex organs, they can get pregnant before transition. That is how the two known cases of transsexual male pregnancy occurred. They quit taking male hormones and allowed their periods to return. To prevent confusion, try to remember that when someone is referred to as a man or a woman, it has nothing to do with the body. It is who they are inside as a person and what genitals they were supposed to have. A transsexual woman was supposed to have a vagina while a transsexual man was supposed to have a penis, and nature robbed them of the proper parts. Also, try to remember to use male or female to refer to the body, and man or woman to refer to the identity and social role. Thus a transsexual woman starts out anatomically male, and a transsexual man starts out anatomically female. However, due to the original wording of this question, someone might have been referring to the original sex. If you were born without female parts, you cannot get pregnant, and thus transsexual women can never become pregnant unless female reproductive organs were somehow transplanted.

Can a transsexual lady makes a genetic lady pregnant?

If semen goes into a vagina & luck fails, babies happen.

Who is in danger of becoming pregnant?

Anyone who has unprotected sex is "at risk" of becoming pregnant. Use a condom, spermicide, or birth control.

Can weight stop you from becoming pregnant?


If some guy did transsexual operations could a guy get pregnant?

A person who is born biologically male cannot get pregnant. During a sex change operation, a vagina is created, but the person will not have a uterus or a period, so they cannot get pregnant.

Transsexual woman born with uterus 29 years old is it possible for a pregnancy?

That is a transsexual man. The gender term after the word transsexual is always who the person really is, not what their body was at birth. Calling a man born with female parts a woman is hurtful.But like anyone born with a uterus, pregnancy is usually possible. They would have to avoid taking male hormones when trying to get pregnant and during the course of the pregnancy. If they are on hormones, then they can only get pregnant if they can start menstruating.

Can you get pregnant from makeing out?

Your chances of becoming pregnant are 100% if you are having UNPROTECTED sex.

What is the purpose of birth control?

To prevent women from becoming pregnant when they do not want to be prevents you from getting pregnant

Can transsexual males get a women pregnant?

No he can not there's no sperm in his penis he can get hard and play with his self or have sex with people but he can not make iny children

Are teenagers becoming pregnant at an alarming rate?


I Want to get pregnant but am using the pull out method during ovulation. What are my chances of becoming pregnant?

Well if you want to get pregnant why would you pull out? Although, with the pull out method, precum will most likely get you pregnant. So you probably will end up becoming pregnant.

Pregnant after hysterectomy?

You cannot get pregnant after a complete hysterectomy.

Can a man ever get pregnant?

Only if they are an FtM transsexual or transgender who hasn't had all the reassignment procedures. If they still have a uterus and stop taking any hormones so that they resume menstruation, then they can become pregnant.

Can a male to female transsexual get a girl pregnant?

Yes, they usually can before their surgery. A postop/former TS woman will not be able to get another woman pregnant since she lacks male reproductive organs.

What are chances of getting pregnant after a miscarriage?

A miscarriage should not prevent you from becoming pregnant again.

If a gay guy gets pregnant will he die?

the male body is incable of becoming pregnant.

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