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It depends on the school, the department within the school, whether it is a restricted program, etc. You should contact the Office of the Registrar at the school, and also the department your specific major is under.

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Q: I am attending Triangle Tech in Greensburg PA It is a 16 month associates degree program and i would like to know if i can take a semester off?
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The cost of an undergraduate semester hour and classes online depends on the school you are interested in attending. Sometimes tuitions cost much online than on campus.

How long to obtain an associate's degree in music?

Answer 1: All associates degrees take two years to earn if they're pursued "full time"......meaning the student taking 15 semester credit hours per semester, for two semester (or 30 semester credit hours) per year, for two years, thereby earning the associate's degree's typical 60 semester credit hours. A bachelors degree, by way of reference, is double that: 120 semester credit hours, which typically takes a full-time student four years.It matters not what is the subject. The associates degree, regardless of subject, typically takes a full-time student two (2) years to earn.

If you have an associates in communication and media arts and am a semester away from a ba in film and media arts would it be better for you to change your major now or after your ba?

With one semester left, complete the BA! After that you can always supplement your existing degree with another field of study.

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I need15 hours to earn an AAS associate's degree how long will this take me?

If you need 15 credits hours, and your attending a college or university that operates on a regular two semester academic year, you can finish the degree in one semester as a full-time student.

Can an associate's degree course take less than two years to complete?

By taking 15 to 18 semester credit hours per semester, plus 6 to 9 semester credit hours over the summer, you could graduate with an associates degree in less than two years. But the more you take per semester or summer session, the harder it is. Taking 18 semester credit hours per semester, plus any more than six semester credit hour per summer, can, for many students, mean pretty much no social life... just work, work, work... and sleep, of course. I don't recommend it!Figure it like this: An associates degree contains 60 semester credit hours. Most people take 15 semester credit hours per semester, then take the summers off, and by doing that, you graduate in two years......however, if you take 18 semester credit hours (one extra course) per semester, then that, right there, will leave you with just two courses left to take by mid-way through the second year. If you take those two courses during the summer sessions, then you could graduate with 60 semester credit hours in just a year and a half.The goal is to hit 60 semester credit hours (at three semester credit hours per course... so, then, in other words 20 courses for the entire associates degree) however fast you can. But, honestly, it starts to become really hard to do it in much less than a year-and-a-half.

Are you eligible for PLC Course if you have done first semester of BS Electronics. If not then also mention which course you should do?

A person should be eligible for a PLC course if they have done a first semester of BS Electronics. The exact requirements will depend upon the exact school that the person is attending.

How long it takes to get an associate's degree?

Answer 1: At most regionally-accredited schools in the United States (US), an associates degree -- designated as "Associate of Arts" (AA), or "Associate of Science" (AS) -- consists of sixty (60) "semester credit hours" (if the school is on the "semester credit hour" system), or ninety (90) "quarter credits" (if the school is on the "quarter credit" system), either of which may be completed in two (2) years of full-time study.At most US regionally-accredited schools, "full-time" study means either 30 semester credit hours (if the school's on that system), or 45 quarter credits (if the school's on that system) per year... accomplished either during the normal semesters or quarters, or during those plus summer sessions.A small number of schools require a tiny bit more credits for an associates. Some (again, a small number) of schools on the semester credit hour system require 66 semester credit hours of study in order to earn one of their associates degrees; and an even smaller number of schools on the quarter credit system require as many as 94 to 98 quarter credits in order to earn one of their associates degrees. But, again, such schools are in the minority. At most US regionally-accredited schools, either 60 semester credit hours (if that's the system the school is on), or 90 quarter credits (if that's the system the school is on) will earn an associates degree.Most US regionally-accredited schools, just FYI, are on the semester credit hour system.

I have 30 credits how long will it take you to get an AA degree?

If the 30 credits are requirements of your declared major and you are a full-time student attending a school that operates on a semester system, it will take approximately one year to complete the degree. However, it also depends on the credit load carried per semester.

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