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In the US, yes, a drivers mirror is required.

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Q: I am missing the drivers side mirror do you think that I will be pulled over by the police for it?
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If a police officer pulled over a driver wouldn't other drivers be able to speed and the police officer couldn't do anything about it and if not what would the police officer do about it?

I'll answer this by repeating an old police adage - - "Fishermen can't catch all the fish in the lake either."

What is the fine or penalty for failing to produce a drivers license to a police officer when you are pulled over in the Province of Ontario such as when you forgot it at home?

I found the answer. Go here:

Can you get pulled over for not having a rear view mirror?

yes you can

Are you in trouble if your drivers license is expired and you get pulled over?


Does your drivers license get checked nationwide when your pulled over?


How will failing to make complete stop at red light before right turn effect your insurance?

If you're not pulled over: no effect Pulled over: depends. Police just give you warning? Maybe little higher premiums. You forgot drivers license and cuss out the officer? Your premiums are going to skyrocket

How do you remove the door mirror unit on a Audi a3?

The door mirror unit on an Audi A3 is removed by the inner cover and taking out the retaining screws. The mirror can then be pulled away, the adjustment cable disconnected, and the mirror removed.

How far after seeing a policeman should you continue to flash your lights to warn other drivers?

It is against the law in all 50 states to flash your headlights to warn of police... you can be pulled over and ticketed for "interference in law enforcement operations"

What happens if you get pulled over on moped with drivers license suspended in Kansas?

You will. Be arrested

Who decides whether or not a drivers license is restricted or pulled?

Either the DMV or the local courts.

Is it illegal to have a burned out backup light?

Yes, backup lights are crucial for showing other drivers your intentions on the road. You can get pulled over if a police officer sees this, so it's better to get it fixed sooner than later to avoid a fix-it ticket.

What could happen driving with no plate on car?

You get pulled over my the police and get ticketed.