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If you're wanting to download games specificly look for image files (iso, daa, bin, ccd, etc.) These are "image" files. As the term implies, they contain all the information contained on a CD/DVD disc. More importantly, they instruct the burning ROM whrere the data needs to be written to the disc to accurately imitate the original media. This is important when trying to make a working copy of PC game. Choose image files when you can.

ISO files are disc images taken dirtectly from CDs or DVDs

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 20:54:01
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Q: I am using LimeWire and i am trying to find out which games files are best to download iso zip rar etc only problem is zip files setup exe file is corrupt what should i do?
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help me plz !!!!! for solving this problem !

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