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The size of the penis is not important. The important thing is that you are kind, caring and that you are a good lover. When you make love, listen to your wife/girlfriend, ask her what she loves, and when you do the things that she loves, she will be sexually satisfied. And the size of your penis, can newer replace the attention that you give her.

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What is the meaning of The song Fake by busted?

He is worried his penis is not long enough to please a girl.

Your worried your 16 years old and not erected your penis is between 3 or 4 inches Erected is 10 or 11 inches and 1 in width Is your penis to small?

There is no reason to be worried under these circumstances.There is no reason to be worried under these circumstances.There is no reason to be worried under these circumstances.There is no reason to be worried under these circumstances.

What happens if a man cums inside a other mans penis?

A man's penis cannot fit inside another man's penis. The opening in the penis, called the urethra, is a narrow tube to carry urine and ejaculate; it is not big enough to permit someone else's penis inside it.

Should i be worried. Hi you are 14 and 15 in July and your penis is only 4.5 inches when erect Are you really under sized you amReally worried?

No. You shouldn't be worried. The average penis size of a 14 year old is 4-5 inches, so you're within the average

What happens if you blow in a penis?

My friend told me that if someone gives you oral sex and she blows in your penis and air gets inside the urinal track to the testicles, a man will be infertile, but I'm not sure if it's true .

Why does my girlfriend not have a penis?

A female does not have a penis. Only a male has a penis.

How big should a 16 yr old penis be?

A boy's penis grows significantly during and after puberty between the ages of 11 and 19 and sometimes later. At age 16, there will be a larger range of penis sizes as the boys are at different stages of development. So it cannot be said what size a boys penis at age 16 should be. Nearly all men have worried at some time in their lives that their penis is not large enough. Don't worry about it. Your penis is fine.

I am not really worried about how long my penis is but the girth is what worries me and my penis is 4 inches plus i am are 11?

Your penis is coming along fine, and it will get bigger by the time you are 17-17. Just enjoy what you have.

If your man has big penis will it make you big?

No. The vagina is stretchy enough to let a baby through, a penis won't hurt it. If you're worried, look up pelvic bottom and pinch exercises. They'll improve your muscle tone in that area, which'll help keep you tight.

Can you stick your penis into an electrical socket?

If your penis is small enough, I suppose so.

Im 15 years old and my penis is 13 cm is that normal?

My friend, you have nothing to be worried about. A 'normal' adult penis is between 4.5 and 6.5 inches (11.5 to 16.5cm). However, most guys' penises don't stop growing until they are 18, so you have quite a bit to go!

Red bumps on your penis?

You have an std my friend

How long is a kangaroo's penis?

A kangaroo's penis is just long enough, no more, no less...

Your penis size is 4 inches is this enough for lady?

A four inch penis is enough to satisfy most women. The woman gets more pleasure in how you use your penis than the overall length.

How can a schoolboy improve the length of his penis?

The only penis enlargement method that works is surgery, but boys of school age should not even be worried about increasing the size of their penis. In such a situation, it is highly likely you are still in puberty anyway, and your penis will grow throughout it.

How old is ladygag?

she is old enough to have a penis

Your penis szize is only 3 inch you improve your penis size you are 24 year old?

All men are not created equal, we all get what we get. There really isn't anything that works for penis enlargement. So What? How big your penis is has nothing to do with who you are or how you live your life. It's big enough to do everything it is made for. Fair? Maybe not, but what is? If someone is only interested in you because of your penis, they are not someone you need in your life. Again, it has nothing to do with the rest of your life. I have met guys with half of what you have believe it or not.

What is another word for 'penis'?

Dick is a nickname for someone called Ritchard.

Is 4 inch penis is enough for giving birth?

A four inch penis is more than enough to get a woman pregnant. She will be the one giving birth.

What does the penis of a virgin look like?

The penis of a virgin does not look any different than the penis of someone who is not a virgin.

How long does a penis need to be to break the hymen?

I've never heard of a penis being too short to engage in sex so no matter how long it is, it's long enough. If your penis is long enough to penetrate the vagina, it is long enough to break the hymen.

How does a penis fit in a vagina?

When the penis enters the vagina the vagina opens (streachs), The vagina will streach enough for any size on penis,

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