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Depends on your format though.

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Q: I can download attachments but Can not open attachments?
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How can you minimise the risk of email attachments?

Some attachments may contain harmful viruses, which could infect your computer. To avoid getting a virus, only open/download attachments from reliable sources, which you are expecting to be sent to you.

Can one Download attachments from Gmail?

Yes, it is possible.

How do you open HTML attachments?

HTML Attachments can be opened via browsers. These attachments can be easily opened via most of the browsers.

Do you need Word Program to open Word attachments?

No, you can open Word attachments in rtf(Rich Text Format) in word pad I believe.

Can't open attachments in Gmail?

You should be able to open attachments with Google Chrome. It cannot be done if the downloaded files are not compatible.

You can not download attachments from Gmail?

Downloading attachments is very easy on Gmail. It can be done by clicking on the down arrow. The attachment is stored in the downloads folder.

Walt found a feature in his email that allows him to automatically download attachments?

Walt found a feature in his e-mail that allows him to automatically download attachments. One such feature is a program called Mail Attachment Downloader.

Can you open a doc email attachment with open office?

Yes - Open Office will read .doc attachments.

How do you download stuff on your apple Mac?

The Mac automatically starts downloading attachments when either the URL is clicked on for an automatic download, or you hit a download button.

How can you view wmv attachments on your new iMac?

You will need to download an install the free software Flip4Mac. Click the link for the download.

What security measures should you take when opening attachments?

Before opening attachments, ensure that the sender is trusted and the email address is legitimate. Scan the attachment with an up-to-date antivirus software. Consider using sandboxing techniques to open attachments in a secure environment, and be cautious of unexpected or urgent requests to open attachments.

What application can open attachments on an iPhone?

fish,cheese, and cyberduck