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Does super junior like anime?

As I remember, Yesung do like Naruto and Hankyung's favourite cartoon/anime character is Gara... so yes??

Are Pokemon creatures anime?

yes, Pokemon creatures were originally part of a manga, which was then turned into the anime. remember, anime is like a television cartoon and manga is like a comic book.

Is SpongeBob an anime?

Spongebob is a cartoon, not an anime.

What was the first anime in the US?

I'm pretty sure it was Speed Racer, the old cartoon from the 80s I think.

What is The Lion King a cartoon or a anime?


Is mermaid melody a good anime?

An Anime is a Asian Cartoon and mermaid melody, well is American !~ so it is a good Cartoon, but not at all Anime

What is the name of the cartoon that ash got pikachu?

Pokémon? episode 1 to be exact. And *Anime not cartoon. Anime is a Japenese "Cartoon" per se.

I can't remember the name of a cartoon i used to watch i am pretty sure it was anime and about two girls who could do magic with cards and beat off the bad guys it was shown in the UK on bbc or citv?

Sailor moon??

Where can someone watch cartoon anime?

Cartoon anime as video can be watched in the movie theaters, on TV and online. Cartoon anime stories with non moving pictures can be watched in magazines, books and online also.

What anime characters will be at the anime expo 2009?

Cartoon Network.

Is the cartoon 'Teen Titans' any good?

It's pretty good, it's a child's version of an anime.

Is sailormoon anime or chartoon?

Techincally, both. Anime in the end is a cartoon (=animated series/movie) so as Sailor Moon is an anime, it's also a cartoon.

Is Naruto an anime or cartoon?

Its most likely an anime manga :)

Is Anime an art?

Anime can be considered an art to some. Anime can also be considered something that people do for fun. Anime is something that is watched, in cartoon form.

Does anyone remember this old Cartoon Network stratagy game that was based on a mecha anime?

not gundam, i am trying to look for this anime. you are the white mecha team and you battle the black mecha team

Is anime drawing?

ORIGINAL ANSWER---------------------------------------Anime requires drawing yes, but it is a animated cartoon pretty much.MY ANSWER---------------------------------------Anime is NOT a drawing. Anime is based on Manga. However, Anime is not a drawing.

Would Spongebob the cartoon be better if it were anime?

Spongebob is a well known cartoon. This cartoon is animated.

Is pokémon an anime?

Not exactly, the way I see it. After all, it is currently on Cartoon Network, and nothing on Cartoon Network is a true anime.

How do you draw anime on the computer?

manga is the stuff that you draw, like a comic strip. anime is the moving version of manga, basically manga is the drawing anime is the cartoon. you cant draw a cartoon, or if you did, it would be like a flip-notebook imagery cartoon.

Is ghost hunt a anime or a cartoon?

its an anime, and it gets really creppy in the end

What style of cartoon is invader zim?

It is NOT anime but Jhonen was influenced by Japanese anime.

what is a anime?

Anime is a Japanese cartoon that is really popular. There are also good anime shows that are recommended. Sometimes Anime might speak english too.

Is Matt Hatter Chronicles a cartoon or anime?

It's not Anime but it's not exactly a "cartoon" either. A cartoon implies 2D animation but Matt Hatter Chronicles is 3D computer animated but in the general sense of the term, Yes it is a cartoon.

What is Japanese cartoon art called?


Is there a cartoon about Sora?

No, there is no Anime for Kingdom Hearts.

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