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no she does not . i mean she's not interested in you now !! and please why your worrying . if your nice guy . you'll get some other nice girl. better than her. once you ignore her and if she like you than she'll be back to you. no problem yaar!!. if you true like her and want her back than . she ''ll be back. stop worrying about her . I'll tell you because am a girl.

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Did Justin B date Kristen L rodeheaver?

they dated for like two months then broke up

Are Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal dating?

Not anymore. They dated at the end of 2010 but broke up after only a couple of months.

Does an ex girlfriend really mean it when she says she doesn't miss you or love you anymore when you dated for 9 months lived with each other for 6 months and have been now broken up for 2 months?

Yea she could be over you it also depends on if you broke up with her or if she broke up with you. If you broke up with her then she probably still wants to be with you. If she broke up with you then she probably is over you.

How do you use dated in a sentence?

She dated him until they broke up.

Can you help you dated a guy for 3 months off and on and you just broke up a week ago and you still love him?

It's normal.

Did Melina and batista break-up?

They dated for a couple of months when her and Morrison broke up, but Melina and Morrison are back together.

How do you get over a boy that you dated for 3 months and he broke up with you on Valentine's Day?

just forget about him. if he broke up with you he probably wasnt that great for you. you can get someone better. like they say, you are to good for him and hes not smart if he broke up with you

Did usher and Alicia Keys date?

yes they did if you look in the video my boo they dated and of course kissed at the end so they dated a few months or weeks but by now they broke up but are still friends

For how long were Sally Fields and Burt Reynolds married?

They were actually never married. They dated for many years (approx. 8yrs) but she said no everytime Burt ask her to marry him and it eventually broke them up.

Was harry styles dating Taylor Swift?

Yes. They dated for a few months. They broke up because things didn't work out togather

How long has Ariana Grande been dating jai brooks?

they were dating since 2012 I think dated for 11 months and before their one year anniversary, broke up and she dated Nathan in 2013 right after then broke up and was with jai since May 1 2014

How do you know if you i dated him then broke up then dated then broke up how do you know if he still likes you?

If he keeps saying yes when you ask him out, or he asks you out.

Who is nick jonas going out with?

he dated miley but then they broke up and then he dated Selena but they broke up a few weeks ago but now hes single.

Was there a niley?

YES!!!!!! THEY DATED FOR 2 YEARS on tour got into a fight and broke up! YES!!!!!! THEY DATED FOR 2 YEARS on tour got into a fight and broke up!

Why would a guy you've dated come back months later?

Maybe he couldn't find anyone better than you and only realised that you are the one after you broke up.

If you dated a girl and she broke up with you for another girl because she was scared you were in love with someone else but you are still in love with her what should you do?

kill her kill her

Has Joe Jonas dated Selena Gomez?

yes, joe and Selena dated back when nick and miley were. then Selena started to like joe and joe got into another girl and they broke up. so YES!!!

Your boyfriend broke up with you almost a month ago you dated almost 4 months you are madly in love with him How can you get him to give you a 2nd chance?

Go to him and ask him why he broke up with you and ask him if there was anything you could do to change his mind. Be honest and tell him that you love him and that you miss him

Who does Victoria Justice like form btr?

In April 2009, Justice dated Taylor Lautner, and then broke up.In May 2009, She dated Nicholas Holt, and then broke up.In September, 2009 Vic dated Josh hutcherson, and then broke up.At the end of 2009 Justice dated her co-star Avan Jogia till' summer'2010 but still kept friends.In May,2012 Justice dated Logan Henderson from BTRIn Febuary, 2011 She dated rottman

Is Carrier Underwood married to Tony Romo?

No, Carrie and Tony dated in 2007 but broke up after several months. she is now engaged to Mike Fischer who plays hockey for the Ottawa Senators.

What does it mean if a man who dated you for two months then broke up with you to date a woman he's dated off and on for 8 yrs now always waves and smiles at you in passing at work five months later?

This only shows that the man is only using you , and wants to try and take advantage of you. He is not a steady man at all, and is not worth worrying over.

Who has dated kell kelly?

Batista dated her for awhile, but she is 23 and he is in his 40's and found her to be too for him. So he broke it off.

How many girls have eminem dated?

He's dated a lot of girls he even claims to have dated Mariah Carey for about 6 months.

How could Jeff Hardy not like Maria?

they dated and broke up

Why keke Palmer and lil twist broke up?

They never dated.

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