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Yes you have to report yourself to the police as a good citizen. That way you clear your conscience and live at peace with yourself. It's really an unfortunate situation but you have to do it and brace up for whatever it brings.

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You hit a parked car and left no police report?

If you didn't even leave your contact information on the car you hit, you could be charged with a criminal offense such as Hit and Run.

What happens if you don't contact the police after an accident Can you still file an insurance claim?

Most insurance claims do not require police reports. Some states require it for hit and run claims.

What happens if you hit an unattended car in a parking lot and leave and then get a letter to contact the police because you did not leave contact info?

Do what the letter says and contact the police. Chances are if you don't contact the police a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

When does a police officer have the rights to run your name?

As a matter of standard practice, most police will "run" a name anytime they have reason to be in contact with a subject.

How do you handle the insurance after a hit and run?

After a hit and run, the individual hit should file a police report as soon as possible. That police report should then be presented to the person's insurance company who will assess the damages to the vehicle.

How do you report a hit and run?

If you witnessed the hit and run, call 911 and give them all the information you can. If you observed the effects of a hit and run, but have no information about who did it, call the police and advise them a crime was committed. If it was your property that was hit, ask them to send an officer out and file a police report. Be prepared to estimate damage amount.

Is insurance carrier required to report hit and run to police?

The insurance company is not required to report a hit and run to the police but in most all personal auto policies, the insured is required to report a hit and run to the police before the insurance company will treat the claim as an uninsured motorist claim. This is usually a policy requirement.

Who do I contact if someone hit my car?

Your insurance company first, then, the police for a report.

You were hit by a car it was a hit and run what can you do?

Tell the police and give them as much description of the car as possible. They will take it from there.

What are the release dates for State Police - 2000 Oregon Hit and Run 3-14?

State Police - 2000 Oregon Hit and Run 3-14 was released on: USA: September 2002

You hit a car in parking lot and there was no damage except for some paint scratches do you need to file a police report and report it also you place a note on the windshield is this a hit and run?

In Florida you need to give the other vehicle owner your info. If they are not in the car you need to put a note on their car with your info. Calling the police is best as you can get a police report to prove it. As long as you get your info to the other person or the police, it is NOT a Hit and Run. If you flee the scene without giving your info to the police or the other car owner, it IS a Hit and Run.

What should you do about knowing the hit and run driver who damaged your car?

Call the police.

What can I do if I left the scene of an accident?

Turn yourself into the police--hit and run is a crime.

What do you do if you are the victim of a hit and run?

If you are the victim of hit and run you need to remain calm and remember as many details as you can about the car. You must then call the police and report the incident.

How long can police put a hold on a vehicle if it was in a hit and run in colorado?

7 years

Can you hit a police man?

You certainly can. However you will run the risk of getting hit back and or being locked up as well.

Car parked on curb of residence you back out and dent it is it a hit and run?

if you don't file a police report or at least leave your details on the car you hit, then yes, it may well be considered a Hit and Run.

How do you find out if the gun you purchased is in fact stolen?

Contact your local police and ask them to run the serial number.

What should i do if the person that hit my car try to run away?

call the police and yell "HELP"

What happens if someone files a police report saying you hit her car when you did not know you hit her car?

It is advisable to also report to the police that you hit a car because once they investigate and find out about it, it can end up into accusations that you hit and run and will make things worse for you.

You are a victim of abuse what should you do?

You should tell your school consler, and sure anough they will contact the police, and the police will contact DHS. You should tell your school consler, and sure anough they will contact the police, and the police will contact DHS.

Hit and run car accident-If i file a police report for hit and run car accident will the accident show up in my car history?

no from dertster on runescape dante rea life

What does the legal term hit and run stand for?

Hit and run refers specifically to an auto accident in which Person A hits Person B and/or their car, and then leaves the scene of the accident without waiting for the police.

Where do you buy or earn the police car in Simpsons Hit and Run for Gamecube?

You get it in the downtown place when you play as Apu.

How do you get a restraing order?

You need to contact the police department. You need to contact the police department.

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