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take the test again they can be wrong

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Q: I didnt had my periods for 29 days and the pregnancy test also became negative are you pregnant or not?
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Does teen mom mean pregnancy?

It means a teenager who already has a baby, so they are not pregnant unless they became pregnant again.

Howlong should you wait to take a pregnancy test if you have irregular periods?

With irregular periods you should test according to your longest cycle in recent months. If you are uncertain when your period is due or could be due, it is recommended to test at least 19 days from the day you think you became pregnant. If the result is negative you should test again in 3 days because you may have tested too early. Good luck.

When is the baby due if you got pregnant on your period?

Typically women do not become pregnant on their periods. However, the baby would be due 9 months from the day the woman became pregnant.

Why did the network try to replace vanna white when she was pregnant?

They worked around her pregnancy and did not replace her. It was never a network program during her Pregnancy as they stopped or cancelled the daytime network shows before she had any children or became pregnant

You just became sexually active and your period is late this month but your periods are irregular anyway are you pregnant?

If your periods are irregular anyway then there is no way to tell, I advise you to see whether you have a period next month, if not then go and see a doctor for a pregnancy test. If you have only recently become sexually active then you should be using protection anyway.

What are some signs of being pregnant after giving birth?

I became pregnant 2 weeks after I gave birth to my son. My symptoms were EXTREME fatigue, tiredness, and a positive pregnancy test.

Is there a time when you can became pregnant with the implant in?

Yes. All birth control methods can fail. If you feel that you could be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr.

How old was Jamie Lynn Spears when she became pregnant?

Jamie Lynn Spears was sixteen when she became pregnant with her first child, Maddie Briann Aldridge, born June 19, 2008. Spears passed her seventeenth birthday during her pregnancy.

How much did Bella Swan weigh during her pregnancy?

She became vegan during her pregnancy so her weight dropped drastically so her overall weight was 134 before and 187 while pregnant.

What is an immaculate pregnancy?

The correct term is IMMACULATE CONCEPTION and it refers to the Biblical conception of Jesus, in which his mother became pregnant while still a virgin.

If you are 7weeks 4 days by your LMP and you have an ultrasound and by the fetal measurements you are 7weeks 4 days did you most likely get pregnant before your LMP?

No. Doctors (and other medical professionals) measure pregnancy in terms of LMP. If you are 7 1/2 weeks pregnant according to your doctor, you probably became pregnant about 5 weeks ago. This assumes you have the standard 28 day cycle, and became pregnant at mid cycle. LMP is not an accurate way to date a pregnancy. If you are in doubt, an ultrasound before the 18th week LMP is the most effective way to date your pregnancy.

Do pregnant women pay more for health insurance?

No. For one thing, an insurer will generally not cover a pregnancy if the inception of the policy was after the woman became pregnant. That said, the insurance laws of most states require insurers to include pregnancy-related expenses within the scope of coverage. Likewise, complications of pregnancy are usually covered as any other illness.

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