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I don't have a home phone line, can I still use your service for fast internet?

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Nope, it can be stand alone. or you can connect it to WIFI for internet use and for other applications. But you dont need a phone service for one

Do you currently have a cell phone?? If yes some cell phone companies offer internet service. You get a little usb looking device that allows you to connect to the internet, there is a monthly charge for this and it varies depending on the provider. Also check out this link it shows you how you can hook up your cell phone to your laptop directly, if you have internet on your phone.

A cable modem ISP does not require phone service. You can get DSL as long as you have phone lines in the house, but you don't necessarily need a landline. The phone company offers special rates for access for DSL. los angeles area I NEED INTERNET SERVICE BUT DONT HAVE LAND LINE Time Warner

yes, but you cant access the internet unless you have a data plan on your go phone service, they dont have unlimited .

If you take the sim card out of your iphone then you wont have service peroid. Doesnt matter if the sim card is out and you have no service on your phone, your still paying no matter what.

i dont know in kaylan but in uk virgin my opinion

no but if you dont have any and you have the internet on your phone to download them of the internet cost

You dont actually need a phone line to connect to the internet. U can use a modem also. =D

Yes, there are a few options for those who wish for cheap phone service without paying a deposit. The first would be VoIP, be sure to check with your internet provider. Another option would be MagicJack.

Yess. You just need a computer and internet

yes if you dont use a smartphone

wow its so heavy to sign up to this service, ok lets ask. how can i connect my palm pixi plus phone to my computers internet. my phone have wi fi but i dont know how to find my computer

if you do not have a home phone number and the internet asks for it use a parent or someone that has one or just use your cell phone number if u have one and if you dont and you decide to use someone elses, ask them first.

she have a sidekick, but i dont know if she still has it.

I am about to get the CricKet MSGM8 phone and i was wondering the same things. Is it a good phone and are the buttons too small to text? I am wondering the same things so if people could answer then we will both be happy and we would know about the phone. :]

it depends-if you will use the apps and internet aswell as the phone then yes but if you just want it as a normal phone dont waste your money.

your mobile needs a subscription to use net And YES you can use wifi if your mobile supports wifi

You need an internet service provider and a Xbox 360 with that internet connection you have purchased from an ISP.

No they dont you have to get it through a third party:+(((

yes. to actively search the open market for apps. once downloaded to phone some dont require internet

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