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I downloaded CamStudios on my desktop but it gave me a virus that causes the screen to flash green and white brightly and I cant get rid of it?


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Don't panic,delete CamStudios and scan your computer.

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Right click the desktop, hold the cursor on the VIEW option an uncheck "show desktop icons" then to the samething again and re-check the "show desktop icons" option, as far as what causes it i dont know but this seems to work

The computer catches viruses from infected emails, websites or other downloaded material.

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The desktop security from Best Buy is good, as it helps back up everything in case a hard drive is ever accidentally wiped clean or if a virus causes one to lose data.

eMule is a trojan. It causes havoc on my computer. I downloaded it once, and it caused havoc on my computer that took me 2 months to clean.

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Viruses can come from trojans, popups or files that may have downloaded itself while you were on your sites. Other times, it can come from infected USB drives, diskettes, or networks.

These can be downloaded from a lot of online websites free of charge, also possibly from a dvd but must be careful to get a legal version of this as there are many that are not. Online would possibly list outlets of which windows vista can be safely and legally downloaded without causes harm to your computer or other device.

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If the file has been downloaded from a virus affected source. Naturally, when we all download stuff from the internet, unknowingly, we can actually download viruses that piggy back on to files and this is how viruses can be encountered.

A program called Windows Explorer, controls the Icons, The taskbar, and the windows, such as folders, My Documents, and My Computer. Your computer starts up more essential things first, then loads up Windows Explorer (Windows Explorer should not be confused with Internet Explorer.)

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After you have downloaded more than your computer has room for, the custom content will start deleting parts of your game to fit the content. IT CAUSES YOUR COMPUTER TO CRASH!!! I would know, it happened to me. :(

Buy it or download it. I am not entirely sure which can be downloaded for free, but I know that San Andreas can as I have done so myself. However, I recommend buying it because downloading it usually causes faulty gameplay and missing sound clips.

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The most propable causes are that it is in the wrong format or you do not have the correct codec for the format. Some downloaded music shows the extention as being correct but this can be wrong. Try another (legal) source for downloading.

Yes. The reason i know is because it crashed my laptop and completely destroyed my friend's new ipod nano because she downloaded songs from limewire.And a guy who works at the computer store said that limewire is a major computer virus.

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