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There will always be a small chance in a situation where sperm gets into the vagina.

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Can you get pregnant if a man's penis was dry but it touched the tips of the vaginal lips and then used a condom and had sex?

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy's penis is out and the girl has clothes on?

If there was no genital to genital contact, no unless he ejaculated on his hand then touched her genitals with that hand. Even then, very low chance of pregnancy. No, you cannot get pregnant when the girl has clothes on and the boy's penis is out of his pants. No chance!

If a guy ejaculated on your vagina and put his fingers up mecani become pregnant?

Yes there are chances of the sperm present near your Vagina reach your egg even after fingers touched inner body if your egg was ready for sperm

Can you get pregnant from a door handle if there was semen on it and I touched it and then touched myself?

Most likely not. But if it was wet when you touched it and you touched your vagina with it, the answer would be yes; it would be possible.

Is it possible to be pregnant with out sex because ive been getting cramps but no period and people say im pregnant but ive never had sex?

Techincally yes. Have you ever engaged in sexual activity where the guy has ejaculated? If any sperm from the ejaculate touched your underwear or vagina, even without you having actual sex, technically you would still get pregnant. Now, maybe your cramps are caused by something else, like food poisoning or just the stomach flu.

What are the chances of being pregnant if the condom slipped off after he fully ejaculated?

Probably slim to none depending onif the semen touched your opening at all...but you better take a pregnancy test or the day after pill if you're worried...trust your intuition its usually right

Could you get pregnant if he touched his penis then fingered you?

no you can not get pregnant because the sperm cells nomally die after contact

Will a hamster want to come out of her cage if shes pregnant?

It's not likely she will want to be touched or handled if she is pregnant.

Your bf touched you a week before your period and then you got it on time but then now you are late with your period could you be pregnant?

No. Whenever you are at risk because of activity, you are only at risk for that menstrual cycle. If your boyfriend touched you and you had a normal period, then you are not pregnant. If he touched you after that and now you're late, I'd raise an eyebrow, but I wouldn't worry.

Your boyfriend touched his penis then he rubbed his hand on your clothes After that he touched your vagina Is it possible to get pregnant?

Hello- No its highly unlikely to become pregnant in this situation. But in future make your boyfriend wear a condom when he touches himself. It will prevent you from worrying about pregnancy.

Is a girl pregnant if her stomach hurts when it is touched?

No not necessarily, it could be an underlying problem or condition within that area being touched that would need to be looked at by a doctor.

Can you get pregnant for putting toys up your vagina?

I did research and if you were the last one that touched the toys No, but if your boyfriend, or any other male touched it after sexual intercourse, yes you can

Do girls like getting touched on there breast?

not completely sure but probably no

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