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The definitely first thing you dont do is click the cave

where the lilttle man is..

It kills him, he will go into the sun && die..

Click the cloud, it moves, stop it over the block on

the ground. Click the blocks a puzzle you have to solve.

Solve where the question mark is..You get three wrong answers the block crumbles

and you will have to reset the game.

It turns into a plug in looking thing.. Stop the cloud over it.. a plug goes up to the

cloud and the cloud starts turning into a gray then black..

Keep clicking on plug to make sure your cloud doesn't burn out.

Stop the cloud over the volcano and strike the rock. The rock ends up turning into a flame

DON'T CLICK THE FLAME!!! Then click the door..It will keep turning until both wheels are on the flame symbol.. the door will ooen then click the flame..It will go inside the door. DON'T CLICK THE FLAME BEFORE DOOR OPENS.

Stop the cloud over the kettle. It will turn a dark gray. Then stop the cloud

over the little puddle. The grass grows. Then click the cave. The little man comes out. CLick the trees an apple falls out the tree. Click it. The man will eat it. He turns colors. His antenna pops up. click him then.

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Q: I found a game called THE LIFE ARK does anyone know how to complete it?
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