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It sounds like you are experiencing Tinnitus. That is when you have a constant ringing or buzzing in your ears. You may be getting it as a side effect of medication. High doses of aspirin also causes TINNITUS. Usually, it goes away when you stop taking the meds. Ask your doctor about it. It's not that unusual, but it is maddening!!!!!

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What is a sentence with the word buzzing?

There is a buzzing sound from next door.I am buzzing with excitement.

What is the definition of 'buzzing'?

'Buzzing' can be defined as a humming sound. For example: Mosquitoes were buzzing all around us. It can also mean 'be filled with a humming sound' i.e. A buzzing in my ears.

Why is your computer buzzing?

CPU's fan rotates and make buzzing sound.

What is the personification for the buzzing of the mosquitoes?

the mosquitoes buzzing are deadly in my ears! not sure!

Is buzzing an adjective or verb?

The word 'buzzing' is an adjective, a verb, and a noun. The word buzzing is the present participle of the verb 'to buzz'. The present participle is also an adjective and a gerund (verbal noun). Examples:Adjective: I hear a buzzing sound.Verb: The sun is shinning, the bees are buzzing, it's a fine summer day.Noun: That buzzing is very distracting.

Is there a homeopathic remedy for buzzing in the ear?

Mullen oil is good for buzzing in the ear.

What makes the buzzer a buzzing sound?

The buzzing sound made by insects is the result of wing movement. The faster the wings move, the louder the buzzing sound.

What causes the buzzing sound of the bee?

The buzzing sound of bees is caused by their wings flapping.

Are there any unit gaining cheats for backyard buzzing?

No there have never been any cheats for backyard buzzing so there are not any cheats for Backyard Buzzing. Signed by Emily Masterson

How bees and mosquitoes create a large buzzing sound?

bees and mosquitoes make a large buzzing sound by flapping there wings super fast thats how they make a buzzing sound.

How do bees and mosquitoes create a loud buzzing noise?

Both bees and mosquitoes make the buzzing noises with their wings. Their wings are moving at such a high rate of speed that it makes the vibrations and buzzing sounds.

Why is it that mosquito's make a buzzing sound?

Because their wings move so fast that it creates a buzzing noise

Is the word buzzing an abstract noun?

No, a buzzing is a concrete noun, a word something that can be heard, a physical sound.

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What is the verb for bee?


What causes the buzzing sound of honeybees?

The wings flapping very fast causes the buzzing sound of bees and wasps.

What buzzing bugs start with the letter c?

Cicadas (most of the family of cicadas make loud buzzing noises)

Do bees ever stop buzzing?

Their wings cause the buzzing sound so the only time the're not buzzing is when they aren't flying, and if you were to cut of their wings! Hmm...... maybe I should try that, JK! - Dogluva21

Which part of the bee make the buzzing sound?

that would be the wings, like all flying insects that make a buzzing sound.

Which instrument has an enclosed reed and produces a buzzing sound?

Bag pipes and crumhorns have an enclosed reed and produce a buzzing sound.

What does the word buzzing mean?

Buzzing can be derived from buzz, an onomatopoeia for the sound, for example, a bee makes. Buzzing would thus be the present progressive of buzz, meaning it is currently taking place. Also, buzzing can mean something is popular and making a name for itself, like the more commonly used term 'trending'.

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