I have A J C Higgins model 58317 Can you tell me something about it?

Unfortunately, the model 583.17 is under a safety recall, as unsafe to fire. This is a design flaw, and there is no fix for it. Sears will send a $50 gift card in exchange for the bolt, which renders the gun unfirable. An on-line search for "Sears shotgun recall" will pull up the press release from Sears.

your gun was known as the J C Higgins model 10 .A six shot bolt action repeating shotgun. Sears owned the patten right wich it bought from Harrington and & Richardson your shotgun is 12 gauge and manufactured in 1948 by High Standard .Sears owned all of High Standards Rifle and Shotgun manufacturing and all of the patten rights in those days. Your shotgun is real Sears product . They are one of the better bolt action shotguns out there. How ever Sears sold a lot of them they are quite common as far as old guns go in very good shape I have seen them sell for 150 bucks average value 100 dollars . What you have is fine old shotgun from granpa's day. They are usually very good guns