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Try these sites: OR Also, check with a lawn mower repair shop in your area. Often, parts can be fabricated for older machines.


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Ekans(Replaces Sandshrew) Growlithe( Replaces Vulpix) Shellder( Replaces Staryu) Oddish( Replaces Bellsprout), Murkrow( Replaces Misdreavus)Scyther( Replaces Pinsir) Wooper ( Replaces Remoraid)

Uracil replaces thymine in RNA.

The vice-president replaces him(or her)

In RNA, there is ribose that replaces deoxyribose.

There are three syllables in replaces. Re-plac-es.

Uracil replaces thiamine in RNA.

The demonstrative pronouns are:this; singular, replaces a noun near to the speakerthat; singular, replaces a noun away from the speakerthese; plural, replaces a noun near to the speakerthose; plural, replaces a noun away from the speaker

The subduction and melting of oceanic crust replaces magma in the earth.

Liter or L is replaces the fluid ounce.

Uhm...did you mean a "predecessor"? If so, a predecessor is something or someone that is succeeded or replaced by something or someone else. For example "The Xbox 360 console replaces its "predecessor" the Xbox original console."

The existing layer will aventually sink and when a volcano or something erupts, it becomes solid and replaces the old crust.

Thymine is missing on RNA Uracil replaces it

It is a pronoun. It replaces a noun. Its is a possessive pronoun. It replaces a noun and its shows ownership.

USB port (Universal Serial Bus) replaces the parallel port

who replaces the president of the US senate in his absences

When oil is taken out of the ground in the oil fields, new oil replaces it. When an oil well no longer produces oil, water usually replaces the space.

Eli Whitney thought of the idea of interchangeable parts. The idea is that if something is broken it can be replaces by an identical piece.

Keratin is the nonliving waterproof substance that replaces the stratum corneum.

Uracil replaces Thymine in RNA. Uracil can't be in DNA and Thymine can't be in RNA.

A fuel injection system on a car replaces the need for carburetors.

You don't get one, only animals do to look like Jack.Actually on Halloween, if you don't give the neighbours or Jack a treat you get a mask, the second thing you get is a torn shirt (replaces old shirt) and the third thing is a jack-in-the-box that replaces items, but if you have crappy shells or something, they are worth 1000 something bells so a good way to make money

Kinetic Friction replaces Static Friction when an object is in motion.

The command ____ searches for and replaces corrupted system filesAnswer: sfc /scannow

The SI unit that replaces the pound is the newton. 1 newton is equal to 0.224808943871 pounds.

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