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My father has a Browning barrel set that he has traced back 10 years earlier. It was made in 1953. His also has matching serial #'s on the three Simmons barrels. He tried to call Simmons thinking they kept some kind of records, but, was met with a man who told him that when the barrels are made, they can put any serial # they want to make it match. Additionally, he thought Simmons was a "big time operation" that he had heard of and respected for a long time. As it turns out, the person on the other end of the line only made barrels & didn't seem like they had any sense of history or pride in the company. In fact, he literally said, "Mr., we make barrels here, we don't keep no records." His gun still has sentimental value since he's had it for approx. 40 years and it'll be my sons someday (after I get my hands on it),

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