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yes. he likes you but is afraid to admit it.

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It MIGHT mean she likes you... BUT it MIGHT mean she thinks you have a funny looking face. If your face is anything like your spelling, atleast.

Yes. Usually if a guy is looking at you but turns away once they know that you noticed them looking at you, it does mean they like you. Its a simple way to flirt without any real action.

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She most likely thinks you're cute, and did not want to make eye contact with you when she noticed you were looking at her. This is a good thing! Unless she just happened to look your way and your eye contact was too awkward for her. Or maybe some of her friends were talking about you and she looked, but then didnt want to bring attention to the conversation by making eye contact with you.

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It means that he was looking at you but didn't want you to know that he was looking at you.

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If you or your friend notice the boy looking at you and then quickly looking back, he's checking you out. Also, if he seems to do anything to see you. Trust me, I thought this one boy didn't like me, but it turned out he had had a crush on me for a long time and now were together! <3

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Well you can tell a guy likes you when he's just constantly looking into your eyes *Or at you does not have to be in your eyes*And every time you catch him looking at you he quickly looks away,Or maybe if he ever tries to get close to you *As in walking near you or Ext.*Or if your friends are forcing you to go talk to him and your friend catches him chuckling on his water and looking straight at you.xoxoxoxo ;DHope I helped :]

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It probably means yes. An easy way to tell this is, if you look at a clock or an another object and glance at him and if he's looking where you are looking and when he see that you are looking at him and quickly looks away it is a sign he likes you. Hope this helps you! ----Tamaki242

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