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They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also they will mate but they might also fight to


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All you have to do is put the male and the female into the same cage. But you should keep an eye on them for they may fight or mate.

well usually when you have a pregnant hamster housed with a male hamster, the female will fight him visously until death. However once her babies are born, the male will eat them! So after you mate them, separate the 2 immediatly.

A female and a male female hamster must mate in order to create another hamster.

no, but you must take the male hamster away from the female hamster

to get the female hamster pregnant you have to have a male

ya...? sure is it...coz if ur hamster has mate with the female hamster will not mate anymore..i mean when baby was born will not mate anymore...bcoz male hamster tyhink that ios the female ehamster born with other male hamster

as many as they want! woahhooooooooooo!!!

Yes. A female hamster cannot become pregnant unless it mates with a male hamster.

It's not a good idea to return the baby hamster at any point. If it is a male, they will fight. If it is a female, he will mate with her. Hamsters don't really understand family relationships, so they will just mate with any hamster that is in their territory.

pheremones, probably. Put female pheromones on you're female, and the male will be atracted.

you just buy a male and a female hamster and they will eventually mate

you would put them together in the same cage together if they start to fight then seperate them at once or else they may fight to death.

No, they have to mate with a male hamster. WARNING! Some hamsters can be gay.

Yes. In the breeding season, when a female is in heat, a lot of male wolves will fight to mate with her. The male wolves fight, and when one of them does get to mate with the female, he guards her, so other wolves know she is taken. However, sometimes, another stronger, older wolf may fight the male wolf, mate with the female again, and stay with her for life.

as long as it's a boy and a girl and they like each other they can mate with any kind of hamster

No they can not only Dwarf hamsters can mate Dwarf hamsters Only Teddy bears can mate Rex hamster or teddy bear hamster or Regular hamsters.

No, they cannot because all hamsters have to be the same breed to mate.

For a female hamster you can only know when she is introduced to a male hamster. If the female hamster attacks the make it means she is not in heart and when she is she will accept the him and mate. A female hamster is usually on heat on every 4th day of the cycle.

No, it will often take them a couple more times to mate before she becomes pregnant.

no because hampsters mate concistantly.

no they don't fight with each other

hamsters require sexual intercourse to become pregnant, this requires a male/mate.

Male cats will fight with other male cats in the area in order to mate with the female cat. Sometimes the female cats will also fight with the male.

If the male is high rank enough, the female will mate (breed) with him. Some female hamsters will eat the male after this happens, so separate them after this happens.

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