I have a pocket watch ever Swiss Swiss made 17 jewels engraved on front with hunter and dogs and on back with dog alone. Does this have any value?

i have the SAME watch! my husband's late father gave it to him years ago, same description and I cannot find any info on it. please let me know what you come up with!
Nothing yet. This watch has a floral design on the watch face with Roman Numerals.
I have the same watch but with a man fishing on the front. Any updates????

i was an Avon dealer back in 1970's and these watches were sold then i also have the hunter one i gave my father for fathers day when they came out so they are about 40 years old. mine is in perfect condition also and works great.

I too have an EverSwiss full hunter's case pocket watch. The case is gold tone base metal, with a hunter blowing his horn followed by his dogs. I bought mine new at Kmart sometime in the late 80's for around $20 dollars. It still works fine, but it has little monetary value. Say $50 tops.