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I have a running light but when applying the brake the brake light doesn't come on?


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2008-05-10 15:29:56
2008-05-10 15:29:56

check light bulbs and fuses. light bulbs have 2 elements in them, one for stop and one for running. if thses are ok, replace brake light switch on brake pedal

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Faulty or over sensitive parking brake switch or sensor.,

Is the brake fluid level low in your brake master cylinder in the engine compartment ?

It doesnt matter whether its running or not. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, which means it absorbs water from the atmosphere so it has to come from a sealed container and your cars brake fluid needs changing every two years. Light yellowish colour is ok, if its a dark colour it needs changing.

Check the brake fluid reservoir, with some vehicles they share the low fluid light and the e-brake light.

Check your break fluid, it might be running low

running or parking lights, or plate light, but that is singular.

Possibly blown fuse, bad brake light switch, or blown brake light bulbs.

Have you checked the brake fluid level in the master cylinder it may be low causing a light to come on . i did the level is ok.

it does that on mine becsue the brake doesnt work if ur break works its probally a short or something

Please check the Brake light switch....The brake light switch should be located near or on the brake pedal (up on the stem of the brake pedal)

because there is two filiments in the bulb one for brake and signal light and one for running light

The Integra uses a dual-filament bulb in the tail light, which has one contact for the running light (the lights you turn on at night) and another brighter one for the brake light (only goes on when you press the brake pedal). You have replaced the bulb with the wrong type. You will need a 2057 bulb for the Integra.

Same problem - bulbs are good but the driver side brake light will not operate. Also the horn stopped working at the same time.

on the brake pedal under the dash is a brake light switch. that when you depress the brake it turns your lights on. you might wanna check that

My rear window brake light works, but not my tail light brakes on my 1997 Monte Carlo. What is the problem?

The brake lights may not work on a 1993 Honda Prelude if the brake light switch is no longer working. The brake light switch is in the steering column just above where the brake pedal is bolted to it. There is also a chance that a brake light fuse is blown.

On mine, when the lights are off, the left brake light is faint but still works. When the lights are one, the running light is on (faint) but goes out when I hit the brakes. And the turn signal doesnt ever work. When Ive checked the light bulbs they burn out fast. I have been told that replacing the plastic bulb housing will fix this. But I have not tried it yet.

Check your alternator, Mine did the exact thing. The Battery light and the !!BRAKE!! Light came on and couldn'y figure it out for the hell of me, did volt tests while running and only had 12.5 volts on the battery. I changed the alternator ($179.99) and got back to the normal 14 or so volts while running and lights shut off. no idea why the brake light was on at all.

You can only turn off the headlights by applying the emergency brake. When the emergency brake is on, the headlights will not light. Otherwise the best of my expererience is that they are on all the time. If you have remote start, put the emergency brake on before you leave the vehicle and when you remote start it, the headlights will not be on, but the driving lights (if switch is on) will be on as well as the parking lights.

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