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I would say this is quite normal and that as you have had two positive tests you should stop taking your temperature and relax.

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Q: I have been charting this month and you got two positives on a home pregnancy test on cd36 and cd37 now on cd38 my temps dropped down a little more then usual am I still pregnant and is it normal?
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How much did Bella Swan weigh during her pregnancy?

She became vegan during her pregnancy so her weight dropped drastically so her overall weight was 134 before and 187 while pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant if your temperature dropped on day 18 then rose again on day 19 dropped on day 21 and rose again on day 22?

In my honest opinion I would not rely on your Body temperature to indicate the possibility of pregnancy as body temperatures rise and decrease at various times of the day for various reasons, most of them not pregnancy related. The best thing to do is to see if your period arrives. If it doesn't then perform a pregnancy test. Any time you have unprotected intercourse there is a chance you may be pregnant. Good luck TTC.

Can you still get pregnant if your cervix has dropped?

It would depend on the severity of the prolapse and the method of repair. Assuming your doctor hasn't told you not to attempt a pregnancy (due to the risk of further damage) and you've had an adequate recovery, post repair, then pregnancy still should be an option.

What is the rate for teenage pregnancies in 2012?

The teenage pregnancy rate has dropped to a three decade low, and dropping immensely! The teenage pregnancy rate has dropped down by about forty percent since 1990!

Can you get pregnant from your 12 year old boyfriend?

If his balls have dropped

Is it true that miley was pregnant and dropped her baby?

no she didn't had been pregnantand she didin't dropped her baby because she likes babys so she didin't dropped her baby :)

I Dropped My Pregnate Hamster Is It Ok?

It depends on how height you dropped him from. If you dropped him from the top of Big Ben, that would be a problem. If you dropped him from a chair or so, that wouldn't be much of a problem. Dropping a hamster I don't think can hurt her pregnancy.

Can I get pregnant if I'm on my period but we can use the condom?

You can not get pregnant during this time, your egg has done dropped down and is deteriating.

My bbt was elevated for almost a week when it suddenly dropped but I haven't started my period and now am late Could I still be pregnant or is it too late since the drop in temperature?

It is possible that you are pregnant. A decrease in BBT could indicated a decrease in progesterone. You need to have enough progesterone in your system to sustain a pregnancy, so if you think you are pregnant and your BBT has dropped, you should see a doctor asap (you can increase your progesterone level with pills or injections, but you may miscarry if your temperature remains too low).

If you were pregnant with twins and lost one did your hormones go down really low?

you should always check with your doctor: but when I had my miscarriage, my hormones dropped considerably. however it took 3 months for a pregnancy test to come up negative.

Back in December your doctor took a pregnancy test It came out positive Now I took three yesterday and two came out negative with one positive am i still pregnant?

Probably - I expect it is because the levels of pregnancy hormone needed for the tests to be positive has dropped. I would still go and see your doctor or midwife, however

My GF missed her periods and last month and still she dont have them. a week ago i just rubbed out side the vagina and think dropped a sperm. she has seen few spotting after a week. is she pregnant?

She needs to take a pregnancy test.

If my Body basal temperature dropped but no period can I be pregnant?

your period will come soon, whoever is pregnant their body temperature remains in high temperature.

Can a female dog get pregnant from a male dog who's testicles haven't dropped?

No, that is not possable

What if my uterus has dropped and my cervix is closed and I am only five months pregnant?

call your doctor

Why is it so hard to get your hcg levels to show up on tests urine and blood even when you feel the baby move?

you are feeling a ghost baby u r not it is what they call aghost baby It may be a phantom pregnancy, or it may be that you are so late in your pregnancy that the HCG has dropped back as the other hormones have taken over. An ultrasound scan will show if you are pregnant.

I have only had my period for a day now last night my egg dropped but I'm still very nauseaed and now my period is very light Can you be pregnant if your period is late but your egg dropped?

your egg dropped how did you see it drop? its tiny

You had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago dr said hcg levels dropped but still feel pregnant?

i think i had a miscarriage, but i never knew i was pregnant. how do i find out for sure

Why is my stomach hard and feeling heavy in the 38 th week of pregnancy?

Your baby has probably dropped into the pelvis which gives you a "heavy" feeling.

How many woman are pregnant?

According to Countries in the world by population (2017), less than 1% to just over 4% of women (in various countries) in the world are pregnant at any time during the year (based on population increase figures).

A pregnant woman can't experience periods why?

When the egg don't get fertilized it will come out and since it will not attach in the uterus, the lining of the uterus will change and that is when you bleed. When you are pregnant there are no eggs dropped and the uterus is closed for the baby to be safe.

How old does your dog have to be to get your other dog pregnant?

The male should be a few months old before mating and his testicles should have dropped

Is it possible to have Implant bleeding 17 dpo that is light brownish pink. 2 days light bleading and 4 days spotting.?

Can you phrase that in the form of a sentence please? You are most likely experiencing a light period. 17 DPO is a little bit late for implantation bleeding. If you know the day that you O'ed, I'm assuming you are charting your temps. Have your temps all been high, or have they dropped below the cover line? If they've dropped, you are not pregnant, and you did not have implantation bleeding. Also, implantation bleeding is generally only a few drops -- not enough to fill a sanitary napkin or qualify as "light bleeding".

If you dropped a pregnancy test down toilet while urinating would it affect your results if it had toilet cleaner in also?

Quite possible - Try again

Your ShihTzu is 56 days pregnant and her temp has dropped to 99 is labor possible this early?

Yes, it could be possible if the Shih Tzu's temperature has dropped to 99 that labor could soon. The dog can have her babies safely at 56 days.