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9.0/(topper's cgpa)*4 = ur GPA

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Q: I have got 9.0 CGPA out of 10 in my and the equivalent percent for this CGPA is 83 percent Can someone help me how to convert this CGPA to GPA of scale 4 and what will be the equivalent GPA?
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B-tec honorary degree

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6.65÷ 10 × 100 = 66.5%The above calculation shows how to convert a CGPA of 6.65 out of 10 to a percentage.

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how to calculate attendance percentage of b-tech engineering student

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You need to be an Engineer with a BE, BTech or an equivalent degree to get admission to the MBA program at BITS. That program is specifically targeted towards engineers.

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Please check your question and post for an informed answer.

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The minimum requirements to get into the ISRO is to pass your BE, BTech or equivalent testing with a minimum aggregate of 65 percent. You must be younger than 35 years of age. It is required that you pass the ISRO examination that is given by the organization.

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6.7 on the scale of 10 3.35 on the scale of 5 2.68 on the scale of 4.

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