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Talk to your vag doctor

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Q: I have had my period it was not a regular period and now i am experiencing cramping and sore back what does this mean could i be going through inplantation?
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If i have been experiencing hunger pains in the morning which is very unusual cramping through out the month sore boobs migraines and tierdness am i pregnant?

and to add i have been having extreme nausea and back pains as well. my periods have also been a day late everytime. please help me.

How do you spell expierencing?

The correct spelling is "experiencing" (going through, undergoing).

Is light pain and cramping normal in pregnancy?

yes light pain and cramping is normal in pregnant woman although all women that become pregnant don't go through it. If the pain becomes worse the there is a problem.

Is anal cramping during early pregnancy normal?

you body is going through a lot a this time, so if there no bleeding or bad cramping you ok i had that with my son i was 5months or more cause he constantly move around in my stomach

My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant. I ovulated 9 days ago and have been cramping off and on...mostly on right side... with some days worse than others. Does this mean im pregnant?

It is possible. I knew when I ovulated with my first child and I had cramping like that. Mine was from a cyst that formed after the egg burst through which is why it was cramping only on side. With my other 2 children and with 1 miscarriage I also had cramping all over just from the changes in ligaments etc... My miscarriage was a blighted ovum and had nothing to do with the cramping. Slight cramping in early pregnancy is very common.

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The two main reasons for cramping sensations are gas and peristalis. Peristalsis is the muscle action in the intestines to move feces through the intestines. If the cramping is severe, you might want to ask your doctor about it.

Swelling coming through stiches after circumcision?

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