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You should go to your doctor and have them do a blood HCG test. It will show positive before a urine test would.

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Is it normal for your breasts to be more sensitive and tender at certain times and not others during early pregnancy?

This actually happened to me with both my children. Although my breasts were generally sore throughout my pregnancy, the degree of pain varied. They were bad in beginning, better in the middle, and worse at the end. It was to the point where wearing a bra was extremely uncomfortable.

Are nipples that have been sensitive and having a burning sensation when anything touches them for over a week and having cramping and a white discharge signs of pregnancy?

I don't think so- that's happened to me before, and I've never been pregnant and am not.

What happened to the 1996 pregnancy of Whitney Houston?

She lost it

Your period started four days late but very light could it be pregnancy?

No, it is not pregnancy, it has happened to me, its nothing.

What happened in the summer of 1619?

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What happened in Nicki Minaj's first pregnancy?

she was 14 and got an abortion

Having vomitt only 2 days and have all pregnancy symptoms after 2 week conception is it normal?

Happened to me. Happened to me.

What is one problem that happened with the Jamestown Colony?

Occasional war with nearby competing French colonists There was constant fighting with dutch colonist.

What are the chances of having a ectopic pregnancy after a tubal ligation?

Small chance, but it can happened.

What happened to the craigslist killer?

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When would you get a positive pregnancy test?

a person wont receive a positive pregnancy test until about 3 to 4 weeks after unprotected intercourse has happened

Can you carry a full term baby with eptopic pregnancy?

It has happened a few times, but more often than not those with an ectopic pregnancy rupture and bleed to death.

Can you get your period with mild menstrual cramps and still be pregnant?

Yes, it happened to me. I had 1 period after pregnancy with my first child and 2 periods after pregnancy with my third child.

What happened to kitty caulfield?

Kitty Caulfield is still active in the porn industry and does the occasional web cam-ing. She is contactable on Facebook so why not ask her there?

How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test with your IUD?

IUDs are among the most effective methods of birth control. There is normally no cause to take a pregnancy test. With or without the IUD pregnancy tests detect pregnancy from sex that happened 10 to 12 days earlier.

Can pregnancy happened during urine infection?

Yes it can and if you eat antibiotics and is on the pill the pill will not work.

Can a phantom pregnancy have high hcg levels present?

Yes they can. That happened to me once but I wasn't pregnant.

What happened to christy canyon?

Christy Canyon is a famous actress and dancer. She has retired from both acting and dancing but still makes occasional appearances and autograph signings.

Is it possible to have a positive pregnancy test then a negative test and then get your period and still be pregnant?

Miscarriages in early pregnancy are not at all uncommon and chances are that is what happened. After having a period, you are no longer pregnant.

What is the longest pregnancy in the world baby survived?

I'm not quite sure of the name or the place that this happened, but the longest pregnancy lasted for 11 months, 26 days, if that answers your question. : )

Can you tell if im pregnant after two weeks?

Pregnancy tests for use at home and in health care settings can detect pregnancy that happened no sooner than 10 days ago.

Could extreme nausea and falling asleep at your desk be signs of pregnancy?

If you have missed a period it is possible, that is what happened to me.

When the girl pregnent?

Pregnancy happens when the sperm, fertilizes the egg and it attached to the uterus wall, after sex has happened

If you find out you are having an ectpoic pregnancy can the move the egg from your tubes to your uterus if it's not to late in the pregnancy?

It has never happened. I'm guessing it's been attempted, but never successfully. Sorry : (

What if you have a miscarriage and didnt know but got pregnant again?

Then you would have a new pregnancy. If you feel that this has happened or if you are having any bleeding during pregnancy you should contact your Dr right away.