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Here's a good topic sentence:

When Isabella Swan( or Bella) moves to Forks Washington with her dad Charlie, she goes to school and meets the mysterious Edward Cullen and his family whom has a dark secret that she soon finds out; she loves Edward and this love puts her and everybody she knows in danger.

Well put something like that or make it shorter, I don't care. Just to give you an idea I mean. if you like the answer thanks but like whatever.


if you could live forever what would you live for, Bella Swan has chosen tolive for Edward Cullen, which proves to have complicated results.


Is it possible to love something or someone you could never fully understand?

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What is the major theme of the book twilight?


What is a major theme in the novel twilight?

Unconditional love.

What is the theme message of twilight?

The theme message of Twilight is "When you can live forever, what do you live for?"

What theme of the prom in twilight?

the theme of the prom in Twilight is Monte Carlo/james bond.

What is the theme or the main point of twilight movies?

The theme of Twilight is that you chose love over EVERYTHING!

What is the theme of the book Twilight?


Does twilight have a theme song?


What would be a theme for twilight?


What is the theme of the twiligt?

The theme of twilight is romance with a twist, (the twist being the vampire and where wolf part) Personally i LOVE twilight,,, :) x

What is the theme to the book Twilight?

A lot of people think the theme of Twilight is temptation and forbidden love, but it's up to you to really tell what it is.

Who had Twilight Time as a theme song?

The Group called "The Three Suns" had Twilight Time as their theme song. They performed in the 40's.

What is the main theme of Twilight saga?


What was the prom in Twilight called?

The theme of the prom in Twilight is Monte Carlo/James Bond.

What is the theme of Stephenie Meyer series twilight?

If you do not know, ask your mom for $15 and go by Twilight.

What is the music for twilight princess credits?

a different version of the hyrule field/twilight princess theme

What is the Themes of Twilight?

The themes of Twilight would probably be True Love.Another theme of twilight is Romance, happy, sad, and proud of how you are.Those are some themes of twilight.

You have to do a book report on the book new moon What is a good topic sentence to say what the major theme is?

In New Moon Edward lives Bella and she faces a major depressive fase, she rejoins with Jacob and find a new kind of happiness hangging out with her werewolf best friend. But a major misunderstanding makes Bella go to Italy to save Edward from the Volturi's justice.

What is the Theme of the movie twilight?

Vampire Love Story

What is the theme tume to twilight?

It's Decode from Paramore

Who wrote the Twilight Zone Theme?

Marius Constant

Who sings the main theme for Twilight?

there isn't really a MAIN theme song for twilight but i think the one that stood out most that everyone really LOVED was Decode by Paramore

Main idea or theme of twilight?

The Main Idea Of twilight Would Be Showing That Love Really Can make It Through Anything When The Theme Would Be Vampire Romance Or Fantasy

A sentence with the word theme?

I need a theme for my party

What is a good sentence for theme?

i read a theme about fiction

The Twilight Zone theme?

The first season's theme was by Bernard Herrmann ; the subsequent four seasons had a theme composed by Marius Constant .