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From the Bible, Quran and Torah to modern day fiction, religious literature encompasses a vast array of genres.

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Virga dei genetrix Virgo est flos filius ejus?

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It translates from Latin as "The rod is the flower of the son of his Virgin Mother of God," a verse about the Virgin Mary originating from the bible or similar religious text.

Why do people sacrifice things for others?

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Sacrifice originally means to give up something for something better, or sacred. To sacrifice something for someone would essentially be giving up one thing for something better. So if you sacrifice not going to a football game to spend time with your family essentially that would be giving up a moment of happiness to forge a lasting family connection and quality time with people that love you. But some times the thing you sacrifice can be for something worse if its for the wrong person or reasons.

List all books in the Old and New Testaments in order?

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1 Samuel

2 Samuel

1 Kings

2 Kings

1 Chronicles

2 Chronicles










The Song of Solomon





















1 maccabees

2 maccabees

Where are the ten commandments in the Mormon Bible?

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There is the Book of Mormon, which accompanies the King James version of the Holy Bible. The 10 commandments are the same as those in the Bible.

What did medieval Jews believe the soul might experience upon death?

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The soul is a spiritual entity created by God and imbued into us (Genesis 2:7), granted free-will (Deuteronomy, end of ch. 30) and responsible for its actions. The soul continues to exist after the death of the body.

Why do you use an atlas?

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atlas means HEAD OF THE FAMILY thus first cervical vertebra is called an Atlas

Atlas was the name of a giant in old Greek Stories who carried the world on his shoulders. Long ago, the giant's picture was often placed on the first page of books of maps. So a book of maps came to be known as an atlas. (From World Book Student Dictionary)

In what order did God create things?

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1 -FIRST FROM WATER--Do they not see and think that We created every living thing from water? (Enbiya 30)

2- THEN FROM MUD--He created you from mud. (Enam 2)

3- THEN FROM EARTH--Allah created you from dust, then from semen (Fatir 1).

4- THEN FROM THE PLANT--And Allah raised you up (created you) like a plant from the earth (soil).

5- THEN ---He created you by passing you through stages (Nuh 14)


Is he who creates like he who does not create? Do you still not reflect (think)?

What is the eightfold path in Buddhism?

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=== === 8 Noble Paths; Wisdom; 1. Right understanding. Knowledge of the self. 2. Right aspiration. Ethical conduct; 3. Right speech. 4. Right action. 5. Right vocation. Emotional balance; 6. Right effort. Elimination of evil state and development of good state. 7. Right mindfulness. 8. Right Concentration (Contemplation)

What sacred objects do confucianism have?

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The Chinese lettering for Confucius.

What religion has the Qur'an as its holy book?

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Religions with a "sacred or holy book" usually regard that text as having been written or inspired by their deity. The Qur'an was given to mankind from Allah through Mohammad. This makes it a sacred or holy text to the Muslims.

How many verses in the pearl of great price?

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A total of 635 verses plus a little more than a page of text not in verse format

Book of Moses:

-chp1:42 verses

-chp2:31 verses

-chp3:25 verses

-chp4:32 verses

-chp5:59 verses

-chp6:68 verses

-chp7:69 verses

-chp8:30 verses

Book of Abraham:

-chp1:31 verses

-chp2:25 verses

-chp3:28 verses

-chp4:31 verses

-chp5:21 verses

Joseph Smith's Translation of Matthew chp24:

-55 verses

Joseph Smith's History:

-75 verses + Oliver Cowdery's 7 paragraph remarks

Articles of Faith:

-13 articles

What was sir Titus salt's achievements?

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his achivement was building saltaire and helping others

Why was Apollo 11 called Apollo 11?

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Apollo 11 was called Apollo 11 becuase that was it's mission name.

How and why did only one manuscript copy of Beowulf survive?

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it survived a really tragic insident that was a huge avalanche.

What is the theme of Gods granduer?

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the theme of god's granduer is that the world is full energy and beauty, and it all comes from god. good is great, however we still disobey him...

What is Fox's Book of Martyrs?

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no, john foxe did

What language is the Buddhist holy book origanally written in?

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The first language was in Pali . this is only cause Buddha is said to live in the Pali kingdom and they wrote it down. most Buddhist at that time could not read or right. Also the teachings were past down by Buddha and bodhisattvas in speech. I'm sure some books were also written in Sanskrit later on.

What is omission and commission?

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Omission is not performing an act that is usually done or expected to be performed by a 'normal' person. LIke stopping at a scene of a traffic accident if you are a medical professional to assist, or not stopping if you are the first person, which is a crime. Commission is performing an act that results in some harm. Like, giving too much of a medication or too much oxgen or any other act that another. Think of it as omit vs commit. Unfortunately, from a legal standpoint, one is more liable of omission. Doing something unless it is blatantly wrong is not as liable.

Where you can read the megillah online?

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The text of the Haggadah can be found and read at various places and in various ways online. There are websites with parts of Passover Haggadahs available for download, and the entire Haggadah can be found at Chabad Organization's website.

Who was the messenger sent to reveal God's will?

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That would depend on which religion you are talking about. In Islam, the angel Gabriel was sent to Muhammad. In the Christian religion (in general), God's will is revealed in the Bible to us.

What are the holy books sacred to each of the three monothesistic religions?

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The Christian book is called the Bible.

The Islamic book is called the Quran.

The Jewish book is called the Tanakh.

The Daoist book is called the Dao de Jing.

The Confucian book is called the Analects.

What were some of the contributions of Muslim doctors to medicine?

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Acupuncture and antibiotics were invented by Muslim doctors

What gospel has more of a sense of mystery than the other gospel accounts?

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The Gospel of Philip is in a condensed form and contains many mysteries.

Among them he writes: 'Is it permitted to utter a mystery?' Whereupon he talks of the bridal chamber.

In the latter part of his gospel he writes, 'The mysteries of truth are revealed...' and 'But the mysteries of this marriage are ...'

What is the main message of the Gospel of Matthew?

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The words, "...that it might be fulfilled..." are used nearly a dozen times in Matthew. It's Matthew's way of saying, "Because He fulfilled all these Messianic Scriptures, Jesus is the Messiah."