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Yes. If the dog is loved and exercised and fed a healthy diet, kept a good weight, and if you take the dog to positive dog training classes, it should be an ideal pet.

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At what age can your male chihuahua get a female chihuahua pregnant?

6 months old

How many months does a chihuahua to get nudiered?

3 months

When is a male chihuahua fertile?

6 months

When is a chihuahua full grown?

18 months

What age to neuter a chihuahua?

6 months

How long or how many months for a chihuahua to have babies?

give it a year so they will breed nice.. early chihuahua momas might cause defformity. 2 months

When to neuter a male teacup chihuahua?

When it is 6 months.

When will a chihuahua carry a puppy?

within a couple of months.......

How many weeks does it take for a chihuahua to have her pups?

That depends I have a toy chihuahua and she was ready at 7 months. I had another one and she was ready in 10 months. So It all depends.

How big is a 15 month old chihuahua puppy?

Mine is alittle older than 15 months and she weighs only 6lbs,I have heard that if a chihuahua weighs more than 6lbs then its not a true chihuahua.

At what age do chihuahua start lose their baby teeth?

My purebred chihuahua is five months old and just lost her top front teeth between the canines

How often does a chihuahua go into heat?

Roughly every six months.

Chihuahua pregnant for how many months?

They have a 90 day gestation period.

How old do a female chihuahua be when its in heat?

Around 6 to 9 months.

How many months do you bath a chihuahua?

I would say about every month

What age does a chihuahua reach full grown?

Hi, a chihuahua 14 to 18 months reaches full growth. But they may add more weight with extra feedings. Saw once a chihuahua at one year old that weighed 9 ozs. Had a chihuahua 4 yrs of age at one pound and 2 ounces.

How long after a chihuahua has puppies can she get pregnant?

On her next heat,which is around 6 months.

How long do chihuahua mothers stay with their babies?

until they are nine months old

What age does a chihuahua reach full size?

Between six and nine months.

What age is a chihuahua at it's adult size?

At about 18 months the chihuahua is considered an adult. It is best to train the dog before it reaches 18 months or it can be a bit harder training the dog because puppies learn quicker.

How long does a chihuahua live with its parents?

after they can eat and drink on their own that takes two months

Can a chihuahua take a shower at 2 months?

no, you must wait till they are at least 3 months and must bath them in a sink.

How old does a chihuahua to be to get fixed?

Usually once they become 6 months old they can be spayed or neutered.

How much are 6 months long hair chihuahua?

i sell mine for around 250 - 500

How many months does it takes for a Chihuahua have puppies?

9 weeks for small and medium sized dogs.

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