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it depends how she took it, if it was mistake from her part as well than it is better to ignore it simply and if either of you meant it and wana try to avoid it in future do not see each other for 3-4 months it would be mistake in past

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Has Joe Jonas kissed Demi Lovato?

demi said on an interview ''no! no! no! I have never kissed a Jonas brother in my life . they are like brothers to me'' plus I should know, because I was there when she said it

What should you do when you are not sure of an assignment?

1.Check your assignment 2.If you have a mistake correct it 3.Correct it it is so very easy...

Example of excuse letter of mistake?

In business or in academics, there is no excuse for a mistake. A letter can be written to acknowledge a mistake, to report a mistake, to apologize for a mistake, to correct a mistake. That letter can include reasons that the mistake was made and should include steps that have been taken to ensure the mistake is not repeated. It is unprofessional to make excuses for mistakes.

You had a dream about nick Jonas if he kissed me in my dream but you have never met me what does that mean?

It means that you are overly obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and should take a break from them!

Why should you be careful when a hole is being tapped?

If you go in crooked with the tap, you may not be able to correct the mistake and the threads will be damaged.

Who corrects a mistake on your car insurance record?

Whomever made the mistake should be the party to correct it. Since you are being vague about what you are talking about I can't give you a more specific answer about who to go to for fixing it. Whatever the mistake, I imagine that you will have to do some legwork in order to make sure that the mistake is proven and brought to light.

Why should the Torah be kissed?

Out of reverence.

My bf has kissed girls before and i have never kissed a guy. what should you do?

Make out with him intensely.

Should you get upset if your boyfriend tells you a girl kissed him?

yes you should

Should you have kissed her?

Since you kissed her then it must have felt right for you to do so and if she let you kiss her then that means she was pleased you did so.

What are the prime factorizations for 65?

1x5x13The above answer is almost correct. I am choosing to leave it there so you won't make this mistake.The correct answer is 5x13. "1" is not a prime number and therefore should not appear in any prime factorization.

Should you tell your boyfriend that someone kissed you?

Not right away. Maybe if kissing him is getting regular,you can hint to him you have kissed someone else. He most likely have kissed many of girls.

So he kissed me but has a gf?

If a guy kissed you and he has a girlfriend then he is a cheater. If he has a girlfriend, you should not date him or kiss him again until he is single.

What if your friend kissed your boyfriend he didn't know she was going to what should you do?

If your friend kissed your boyfriend then you should connfront her. Ask her why she would do that when she knows he's your boyfriend. Then you should ask your boyfriend if he made the first move not her.

If an item is priced incorrectly should the shop sell you the item?

It depends, if if is cheaper than the correct they should live up to their mistake and sell it if more money is involved no because it is not fear in financial time.

What are the tree mistake in this sentence?

tree should be Two. Mistake should be mistakes. jk just couldn't find the third.

Your girl kissed a guy at the club what should you do?

Well you should talk to her about it and ask why the heck she did it.

What if your supervisor wants you to rectify the discrepancies in your till What should you do?

If your supervisor wants you to rectify the discrepancies in your till, you should first run a total one more time to be sure of the end result. Then, find your mistake and correct it.

What should you do if your teacher kissed you?

Turn them into the principal or a trusted adult.

What should you do if a boy just kissed you?

look him in the eye and smile

How to in love one guy?

He should be touched and kissed in private.

Should you keep dating your bf if he kissed your best friend?


Should you tell your girlfriend that you have never kissed and want her trust and help for the first time?

yes, you should tell her. if you are important to her, it shouldn't even matter that you've never kissed anyone.

How do you correct the grammar mistake in the sentence Miller wrote that American parents want their children to sleep on their own beds as soon as possible?

It should be 'in their own beds' I would have thought.

What is the mistake in this sentence the people in your street are very neighbouring they always help each other?

I believe that the word "neighbouring" should be changed to "neighbourly" in order to make this sentence correct.